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Who is "flygon"?

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Throw D-Class at it until it stops!
Seriously, everyone I've asked has either ignored my question and have refused further contact or has tried to dodge around it like it's some kind of taboo to mention them.

I want answers, who is this "flygon" person and why do they have you all so worked up? Why have you all ignored my question, why have you all ignored me from then on?
See here.

Also here.

I'll let you form your own opinions.

Pissed off guy being pissed at owner because she did something to him? Honestly he could tone it down by 5000 percent, but if he's being (falsely?)blamed for something I can sort of see why he'd be pissed.
Pissed off guy being pissed at owner because she did something to him?

from what i understand she did nothing other than reblog a photoset on tumblr and he just. flipped. idk flygonthegreat confused me. (also from what i understand of butterfree's tumblr he was kinda-sorta harassing her???)

also various things involving continuously breaking the "don't talk about forum member disputes in the coughing cupboard" stuff.
why?? why does nobody care about this forum irrelevant incident that happened on butterfree's blog????? won't someone think of the children. won't they. :'(

question answered and tbh i don't think this really warranted a thread anyway so i'm closing it! we can all rest easy now knowing this great flygon wasn't forgotten.
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