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Who's your favourite human character?

This beauty who makes hearts leap:
Maybe Gladion (I like his Pokémon) and Koko from the movie. And Jessie and James! They're such funny characters.
There is a ton to consider and I like a handful but it comes down to 2 who stand out to me.

1. Brock
If we set aside his womanizing he's the most mature character in the franchise. More so than his own parents even both of whom abandoned their children for their own hobbies.

He's an intelligent, compassionate, and patient caregiver who is able to understand a Pokemon's needs as though able to communicate with them and put his siblings before his own dreams. To be the sole guardian of 10 children at 15 and be so attentive to them that he knows each one of them and their quirks as individuals is incredible albeit illegal. I was stunned to have recently found out he is 15 rather than 18.

He's the voice of reason who isn't afraid to stand up against improper trainer or competitive techniques and puts his entire heart into everything he does but remains humble when he's not hitting on a woman.

If he wasn't so intimidatingly forthcoming I feel he would be attractive to a lot of girls.

2. Amber
While a lesser character who had a single appearance in the optional extended beginning of the first movie Amber is one of the strongest characters in the franchise for her albeit possibly naive anti-prejudice for a 7-year-old.

Although there is a primary theme of symbiotic relationships between humans and Pokemon we still see plenty of casual examples of how Pokemon are ranked as lower than humans including trainers referring to them as 'It' even when genders are realized via the move Attract as it only works on the opposite gender (something that in today's world can be considered no longer appropriate, personally I would rather the entire mechanic go away entirely as it's annoying but I digress).

Mewtwo is the greatest example of Pokemon objectification and it was through her tragically short-lived relationship with him that Amber was the first and still only character to treat a Pokemon as a true equal.

"It might matter to you whether you're a person or a Pokemon but it doesn't matter to me."

Although she answers Mewtwo's questions about what he is with as much honesty as she is capable of she magnificently does it without applying her own label. Even when she uses the term 'copy' she makes sure to stress that it doesn't mean anything.

"They call me Ambertwo but I'm really just Amber."
"If you're here you must be the same as all of us are."

She cares for Mewtwo and teaches him without using pronouns or applying her teachings specifically to either a human or a Pokemon.
For the Pokeverse to lose such a rare soul is such a crime.
For the girls, it has to be Mint from TCG2. Part of my fascination with her is that she comes from such a forgotten spinoff (and a chapter that didn't even get out of the japanese boundaries) that she's clouded with this veil of wonder and potential, trying to imagine if her popularity (along with the other characters from that game) could've been developed if TGC2 would have had a translation in the end. Of course this makes the response feel like a "snowflaky" answer, of me liking an obscure character, but I genuinely like her design. It's so very 90s, so very retro coming from the cuspid years that would have changed drastically with their fashion choices just a few years later. Also, long thin strands of floaty bandanas/scarves/hair is one of my favourite anime design tropes, they give such dynamism to their poses. :3

For the boys, Larry from Scarlet/Violet.
His whole concept kills me, "Oh we need a normal specialist, regular dude it is", and then it ends up standing out and being most interesting exactly because he's nothing like we've seen before.
I like his no-nonsense attitude towards his battling job, that even if he's tired he knows it's his respknsability, and it's cute that they gave him enough dialogue to show that despite his brooding expression he's a kind, observing person. I especially like his discourse about simplicity being the best because it fits with so many aspects of real life, it's maybe the first time I see some dialogue whose moral can trascend the game itself (apart from, I guess, the general idea of friendship and trust that Pokèmon have).
I also have a softspot for dudes in suit and ties, so yeah
I'd give him good things like high quality sushi and self esteem
Like a few other people have mentioned Guzma is really great. He gets a ton of characterization in the games but the scenes from the Pokémon league in the anime really hammer home how good he and team skull are. I'm also weird and I love Hop. His emotional journey throughout SwSh was really cool to see and that was the first time your rival had a rival I think. And of course since its become my whole personality I love Akari from Legends Arceus because shes Dawn but a ninja
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