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WTF Pokemon?

This may come off as advertisement, but a friend of the site Hear Mii (where I now work) has created a series called WTF Pokemon, where he and his brother mock the plotholes, mistakes, poor writing or anything like that, giving you the bottom 5 moments for each episode.

Youko is a mod on Smash Boards, so if you're on there you might know him.

Their first episode is: http://youtube.com/watch?v=zhFsIkzs-jo

To not sound off topic, why don't we talk about more errors that may have been missed by the above duo.

Like how in the Orange Islands, there was a Starmie that knew electric attacks (very strange).

Oh, and if this belongs elsewhere, feel free to move it. :3


They've locked down their fortress... with locks!
"Pokamon" "Pokamon" "Pokamon" "Pokamon" "Pokamon" "Pokamon"

Ahaha, never noticed that one.


New member
This is show is hillarious. Plus it pointed out stuff I never saw when I saw the episodes for the first time. It is so awesome that I have now stayed up to 2:25 in the morning watching the first 13 episodes. Well, I did start at like 11:00 p.m.


Miror B FTW!
Yeah, I'm going to have to limit myself from it, least I get even more distracted from homework and my next chapter...

Some of the points do kinda ignore the canon of Pokemon and all (and the obvious thing in that in anime, things tend to ignore the physics of the real world), but it's pretty funny and does have a fair few good points as well. Plus, I learn more about the anime as well (as I'm not incrediably well versed in it).

Ah, the Pokemon rap, along with the mistakes of mis-naming some of the Pokemon (Poliwag =/= Poliwarth!) brings back vague memories...

Also, reminds me of some stuff on a website regarding the whole 'Arcarnine is a legendary?', as well as the stuff on Ho-oh getting replaced by Moltres in the anime... made for an interesting read - website was 'trsrockin.com', which has various Pokemon stuff involving glitches, and also a 'unexplained mysterious of Pokemon', some inspired by 4-kids.


Miror B FTW!
Like me, I bet you hate your typing habits just as much as 4Kids.
*whistles, pretending that the mistake doesn't exist*
Well, better to misspell while typing a post on a forum rather than mismatch a Pokemon name to a Pokemon on a Pokemon - oh, sorry, Pokamon show airing on TV. :) ;)