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X/Y Progress thread


oops, did it again
Phantump evolves into Trevenant via trade. I kind of doubt that's hacked since I'm not even sure if it's possible to trade non-legit pokemon yet.
Ah, that makes more sense. Someone must have traded a Phantump and then they traded it to me, since it didn't evolve when I got it.

But honestly, I don't see why anyone wouldn't want it. That thing is the best member of my team.


has a BONE to pick with you
It's probably just breeding leftovers :D
I had a whole bunch of lvl 1 Phantumps lying around after some intense shiny breeding, and sent most of them out via Wonder Trade.


oops, did it again
Sorry for the double post, but as I just beat the E4 and Champion, I wanted to update.


Golem, Lv 64
Absol, Lv 66
Doublade, Lv 65
Lucario, Lv 64
Charizard, Lv 68
Trevenant, Lv 67

In my opinion, the Elite Four were quite fun in this generation. The Water guy gave me some trouble, since his Pokémon have such varied movesets. Diantha was less than a challenge, though fun nonetheless. I expected her Mega Gardevoir to be more of a pain, considering both of my Mega Evolutions aren't good against Fairy. But the Elite Four were definitely more challenging than her. As for the ending, I'd say it was the most satisfying in a Pokémon game yet, especially when AZ's Flabébé returned to him.

All in all, X and Y have become my favorite game in the series, tied with Emerald.


Says "also" and "or something" a lot
I'm in the Fairy gym.

There's a KEYS Pokémon? Looks like I have a new least favourite.

inb4 I'm not allowed to have an opinion because Mr. Mime