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Arylett Charnoa

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  • xD Ah, nice... today was our first day of semester exams. Spanish was pretty easy, and precalc I'm proud of. <3 I love the way our teacher teaches it, because it turns precalc into a big logic puzzle, and I love logic. >D But, AP chem... was a different story. >O Half of it's math, and it's weird, random math. I don't know how to explain it. It's just different. It's the kind of thing where it really needs to be taught, not just showed every once in a while. Basically none of the stuff in the review packet helped me. >_> Ugh. But! I'm proud of precalc, so I'll focus on that~

    That does make sense. Though, I've been doing that for a long time, so I'm trying to step up a little bit... I added him on Facebook and I talked to him in the lunch line today. =D Progress. Progress... ^^

    xD Nice. I'm partially done now. I've gone through pretty much every problem, but I left a bunch of them blank or partially started, so now I'll start going through and finishing it up... that sort of method seems to work for me when I'm not too motivated, starting everything and leaving it half-finished, then going back to fix up the half-done ones. ^^

    Yeah... ^^ I really want to talk to him and get to know him better, but I'm really shy around him. =(

    Ooh, awesome! =D Congratulations on your new laptop~
    Yes, I'm feeling pretty unmotivated right now... my precalc textbook is lying open, and I'm leaning on it as I type this. Heh. I really do want to finish it, but I'm kinda frustrated with it. Grr. Plus I keep thinking about how I'm going to talk to the guy I like, so that's not distracting at all. xD

    Ooh, cool! Shiny new laptops are fun. =D What color is it?
    why did you say
    "What? It's true!"
    "You sound nervous."

    I didn't... say anything to that affect.
    Pretty good~! I'm done with my homework and listening to songs I haven't heard in forever, so I'm happy. =D How about you?
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