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Arylett Charnoa

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  • Aww, I know what you mean. That's why I had my Icons of the Now; I wanted to show off my obscenely huge collection, but didn't want to not have my blinkie Raine :D

    Me and Mhals are just too cool.
    D: D: D:

    ... I mean actually it's ok I'll just have to get used to it for a long time.

    edit: hurhurr Dannichu got here before be and said exactly the same thing, oh I feel stupid now.
    Hey~~ It's Arylett!
    Glad you didn't change your name, you wouldn't be the same with a different one. <3
    Hello, Arylett. ^^ It's good to see you back. Well, like most other people seem to be, but yeah.

    You're awesome, you know that? Heck yes, I would like my avatar, please. :D I was kinda thinking about that. Thank you so much! That'll teach me to actually save my avatar.

    Um, let's see... I'm guessing it's some horrific time in the early morning where you are. So Guten Morgen, jaja.

    I'm sorry. I just love saying "jaja", even though it might not actually be characteristically German.
    Hello Arylett~

    You kept your name the same and your avatar change doesn't confuse me because it's still Rinoa so I know it's you. Oh, happy day~

    I'm good thanks; you?
    Yes, I did~ marillbuddy was a mouthful. (What do you mean, this name's only one syllable shorter...) You're the same, though. But Arylett is a pretty name, so.

    You have a great one too ^^
    Why thank youuuu~

    Wait you have 52 posts already HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE.
    But yes, I like my profile picture too, it's Emaaaaa, and I've never even played a PW game with her in it but I love her anyway for some reason.
    *Kaito goes goes goes for Forum Games!*

    And while he's at it, makes the Tales of the Fanclub thread. And a signature. :D
    Arylett has changed her avatar. :D

    And how are you already ahead of me in posts?! ; ;
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