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  • Yeah, I think the main point with N understanding Pokémon and other people not is that he claims to be able to directly understand them and not just get the basic gist of their body language, which we definitely know most people can't do in the games. Mind you, in the anime trainers can learn to understand their Pokémon's language over time, and Pokémon often use miming and so on to try to make themselves understandable, which doesn't seem to be a thing in the same way in the games, and obviously it has many Pokémon that do simply speak human, both Meowth and various telepathic ones and legendaries, which doesn't happen the same way in the games (until now with the Rotom Pokédex), so the anime definitely has Pokémon be more communicative to humans than the games (they clearly are separate canons). That doesn't have to indicate anything about sapience in the games, though, just that they're a bit more animalistic in behaviour and usually not capable of complex communication with humans.
    I want to, God.

    Fun fact: the only definitive example I know of of Pokémon manipulating chances for the player compared to the AI is... in R/B/Y, where the AI will miss an extra 25% of the time with all stat-lowering moves. It cheats in the player's favor.
    So like
    I am very bored this summer, and all I have are things (games, TV series) I already started

    Any recommendations on your part?
    Thirteen-year-old me had this all figured out! The most important categorization of Pokémon, with the best names.
    Well, at least in the fourth-generation Zodiac he's a fucking Shadow Entei.

    (Shadow fourth-generation Zodiac images don't work at the moment, though, because I managed to break them at some point and never noticed, whoops. THEY WILL WORK IN THE PYTHON REWRITE THOUGH.)
    on the topic of ace attorney:
    i've only played apollo justice because it's the only one gamestop had. What order should I play the other games in?
    i just went on ninsheetmusic to see if there's something
    and then I see you uploaded frickin' PABLO SANCHEZ'S THEME
    I used him so much on my gba copy of backyard baseball the music is broken, idk how
    Thanks again! I really appreciate it.

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    2M=84K3 #RF#CY &2NQ=WY
    35H%3-6 =QCMY# PNP4YRN
    9YWYF3J J9239M K-7F9QF
    But Pearl has THE MOST ISSUES. She's nothing but issues. What do you mean that is not all everyone looks for in a character.
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