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  • Huh. Maybe I just forgot to mark it as a chapter update. Well, at least you'll all be notified next week anyway!
    Personally I really don't like Aaron and especially Lucario's dub voices, although they're proooobably not quite as Wrong if you haven't previously seen the movie with the Japanese voices. Like, in the Japanese version Aaron has the deeper voice of the two (which I think helps to appreciate that Aaron is Lucario's mentor figure). In the dub, Lucario sounds like Batman and Aaron sounds like a bright-voiced teenager. That definitely ruins it a bit for me. Also, I've always thought the voice acting in the vast majority of English anime dubs sounds incredibly stilted, Pokémon very much included, and Lucario in particular just does not have the range of emotion that his Japanese VA does (perhaps because he's doing that Batman voice the whole time). All his desperate, broken Aaron-samas become lines that are sweet on paper but only sound mildly sad in his delivery.

    The script is pretty okay overall, though! The dub dialogue in Lucario's final scene is definitely not quite the same as my fansub content-wise, but it doesn't outrageously rewrite its intent or anything and it's very sweet in its own right. I know plenty of people who've only watched the dub are emotionally destroyed by it. But the voice acting, aaargh get it away. (I was actually just yesterday browsing Tumblr and seeing some quotes from the dub that made me feel things and go, "Hey, maybe this dub wasn't as bad as I remember it." Then you asked and I took a look and nnnope the voice acting still kills it for me. I mean, not quite kills, I still have emotions over it, but I think that's largely just me remembering the Japanese version.)
    also I don't know if you saw but I went to an audience participation screening of The Room and it was pretty magnificent

    In addition to the adorable that is Aaron and Lucario, it's also full of general trainer-Pokémon adorable including the sweetest treatment of Ash and Pikachu ever, the cool concept of a gigantic mineral mega-organism in a symbiotic relationship with Mew and a population of Pokémon, and generally the best-written characterization of all the movies. Also, it's gorgeous, and the music is great, and AARON AND LUCARIO.
    Some cursory digging suggests that Turbo's lizard intro thread was deleted. Unfortunately I don't think I can see deleted threads outside of ASB, but if you could convince one of the old Gmods/admins to log in, they could probably dig it up.

    As far as searching for your own posts goes, Googling your username with "site:z8.invisionfree.com/tcodboard" is as good as it gets, but better than nothing!
    :( I feel your pain. With regards to general desire for searchable archives. I don't want to remember any of the posts I made back then.
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