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    And thanks, it sucks being the crazy ex. I guess that's a rarely explored point of view? IDK, i don't know that many movies about scorned lovers and stalkers. I guess there's Phantom of the Opera for all you musical fans...
    You guys went out there and stole $50 in merchandise. Well, I stole $170 in species, because you guys left your wallets with a thief.
    Additionally I just read your "who are you?" post and you dress the /exact/ same way as I do. Except that during the summer I don't wear a hoodie, though I like to wear it for as long as possible before I overheat. Still pretty cool/scary though.
    HEY MAN LUCKY YOU I got extremely lucky while breeding Chimchar and managed to get one with perfect attack, sp. atk, and speed! The judge said that his potential was "relatively superior" so the HP and defenses probably suck but oh well.

    Do you want the Chimchar soon, or do you want me to finish breeding the other two before I ship'em over?
    First part of the year, we learn the elements of sound. That part was really, really fun - to give you an idea, we spent a whole class doing stuff with a hose. In the end, our teacher used it as an elephant's trunk and blew into it, forming a ridiculously similar sound. He also swung it around above his head like a helicopter while blowing into it like a trumpet, making a sound that's pretty darn close. Second part, techniques of composition, which is music theory, form, and style. This is the part he hates to teach, but we trudge through. He tells me I can just work on my own in this part because I already have like years and years of experience with this. During this time, I usually work on my arrangements in a studio. Third part, we learn music technology, such as cubase, acid, and finale, but mainly studio work. From what I heard from previous students, this is really really awesome, and was the main reason I took this course.

    Are these supposed to be percentage points, or something...? And I did equivalents. For example, I substituted all-district band with all-province honours band (are they equivalent?), which I didn't get into, having failed the audition in gr.8.

    So, you sell them by the box? That would be difficult, considering each box is huge.
    DDD: indeed. We have Gr.8 band, Senior band, Jazz band, and Music Composition & Technology. We also have guitar and choir and whatnot, but that's taught by a different teacher.

    I should consider making one for my band teacher. Although he doesn't admit it, we can guess each of our marks to within + or - 1%. Of course, the music class I'm in actually has marks and all that based on the elements of composition, but notwithstanding that, it sorta works for every class. I have a score of 0.202 + 0.01a, and since I'm horrible at fundraising, I'm going to assume that a=0, which means I have a total of ... 0.202, as it stands :P

    Also, what's the fundraising fruit?
    You have four band classes in your school? Lucky ;_;

    I get a score of zero because I don't take marching band, because our school doesn't have it D:
    Hmm... I'll have the details. I want to see where I lie :3

    Just about no school in our district offers AP music theory, but I could easily pass one of the exams (because of Conservatory). Would that count?
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