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  • Oh, you can have it back. xD Thing is, my wifi isn't compatible with the DS so I'll have to go to a friend's house to trade back with you. Are you in any particular rush to get your Infernape back?
    ...! Oh God I'm sorry I completely forgot about it OTL Could you... could you remind me what you wanted me to breed again? I remember I'd already gotten the Chimchar.
    Do a hard refresh (shift + refresh in most browsers, I believe). I made some tweaks so that part of the styling for the HP bars is now in a global stylesheet, but your browser is presumably using a cached version of that global stylesheet that doesn't have the new rules in it.
    In R/B/Y (and maybe G/S/C; I don't remember off the top of my head), the relevant stats are boosted by 12.5% in in-game battles when you have the badge in question. So yes.
    That's next on the agenda, actually! The mechanics are pretty fascinating and I already have the basic information; I just need to confirm the details and do the write-up.
    Just wanted to say I'm super-glad that you're defending genderqueer people in the Gender thread! Forms like that are a huge problem and feel so so awful and I'm glad there's a couple of people arguing because I can't find the energy to :c It just feels that much worse when it's someone who should be on your side arguing that oppressing you is perfectly okay :c

    Anyway thanks!
    Band is pretty awesome right now, though, so I'll be sticking around with it for a while. :p

    good lord seven years. i hope i can last that long, really. i'm only in two right now: jazz and symphonic. i think i'll be taking music theory later on, though!

    (It is and give your boyfriend a high five or something for me. :p )
    If you did hack a Skitty onto a HG/SS game and threw a Moon Ball at it, it would give the bonus. Leaving it out just because you can't do it under legal circumstances would be a significant omission. It belongs there the same way the steps to hatch legendary eggs belong in an online Pokédex - it's in the game, even if it wouldn't happen through normal gameplay.
    What the Moon Ball actually does is check the Pokémon's ID against a list of IDs; Skitty and Delcatty's IDs are included in that list, whereas Munna's is obviously not since Munna didn't exist at the time. It probably would be included if it did, since the pattern behind the list is that they're all families that evolve by Moon Stone, but it wouldn't make sense to include Munna when what the game actually does is check if it's on a list that doesn't include Munna.
    I kept thinking your username was "Polymetric Sesquilatera" until I typed it out a while back.
    poly stop making me jealous
    how does it sound compared to your earlier trumpet?

    viktor, in honour of...?
    Four kids?! Man, if I had that dream that would be the part where it would turn into a nightmare.
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