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  • "i wrote an equation to determine how much the band teacher likes the students in the band"

    ?_? Elaborate, please?
    I don't think the name really matters? I alternate between calling you Leaf and Poly, and both seem to work.

    Anyway apparently it's 0175 instead of 0715 xP Try that?
    Oh yeah, and since the DS is connecting with a different network, my new FC is 0715 4742 3461. Or at least I think it's new, hurr.
    Actually, he's going to take a nap now; I'll message you again when he wakes up. Shouldn't be more than an hour.
    Hey, message me when you get back~ Boyfriend is online and I gave him the card today. Should be okay to trade!

    I'm terribly sorry for all the delays and complications and stuff OTL I forgot to bring my gamecard today, but I assumed that he would have one of his own; turns out he had lent it to his friend. So I'll give my SS to him tomorrow, and please shoot me if I do forgot.

    Sorry again DD:
    Should work, yup. It'll probably be me contacting you, though, since I'm on TCoD almost all the time and he'll probably be too busy/lazy to get on xD
    Actually, I can give my boyfriend my game card and he can trade with you tomorrow, even.

    I hope you don't mind waiting though xD;
    Alternatively, I could breed the Gyarados and Scizor for you, since I have the materials to do that, then give my game card to my boyfriend and have him trade with you? He goes on TCoD too so you could contact him when I'm done.
    ASDF Okay, it appears that we've since changed routers and my DS doesn't like the security settings so I can't connect. :/ So you'll have to find someone else, or wait for me to go to a friend's house to leech their Wifi (which probably won't be for a while).
    asdfasdf so I'm using a different DS now and I have to re-register you on the Pal Pad. What's your FC again?
    Wait, as it turns out I do have Scyther and Magikarp (I was thinking of my Black version, oops). So you only need to trade me a Chimchar.
    Sounds good; if you're using CC on Infernape, though, you'd be better off using a Naive nature.

    Sure, I'll get in the Union Room right now and wait for you.
    Scizor could go with Choice Band or Swords Dance. Technician Bullet Punch, Bug Bite, etc.

    Infernape, yeah you're best going with something special... Nasty Plot, if you feel confident enough to set up? That's probably the best I can do, since other special-based sets practically require a Hidden Power, which I don't really have the time to breed OTL

    As for Gyarados, maybe a DD set (man this is a lot of set up stuff)? It can also run CB. A DD set can be offensive or defensive.

    So overall, perhaps CB Scizor, NP Infernape, and offensive DD Gyarados? Or defensive DD if you feel the need for some defense (Gyarados can be fairly physically bulky, especially with Intimidate).

    btw I copied these off of Smogon so yeah :P But at least they work!
    IT HAS BEEN A WHILE INDEED. (congrats on getting a boyfriend btw; kinda late but eh!)

    Well, I'm really pretty busy nowadays... I could certainly do it, if you don't mind the wait! Unfortunately I don't have /any/ of the mentioned Pokemon (not even a Magikarp haha I'm so lame), so you'll have to trade them to me.

    What sets are you using for the Pokemon? Specifically, which perfect IVs do you want? Also, I'm assuming it's on the 4th gen games? I'd prefer to stick with breeding only two perfect IVs, since breeding in 4th gen is a bit frustrating.

    I'd be best if you got back to me soon on this; I'm gonna start my homework soon (bad procrastinating Blazhy) and I can't access my DS on the weekdays.
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