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  • Well I don't really know anybody you do in real life so I can't speak for them, but I'm pretty damn sure we here at TCoD would certainly miss you a lot if you were to do the deed. Please, don't.
    YES. But it's not all that good, in reality; while the notes are mostly right, the presentation is poor and the dynamics are blegh (do you have to repeat mf every two measures? I mean, are you trying to make a point?). Also, Great Canyon. Although I also wish they would brush up on it (maybe rearrange the layers in measures 16 and 22, and make the grace notes more like grace notes by giving them two flags. Also, the last measure is messy, and hiding the superfluous rests would be a good idea). At least it exists, though!
    A duet with two pianos, yes, but not the traditional duet with one piano and two people. However, I think that not many people will want that, since it's hard to synchronize with each other at that level. (Idea of difficulty: )

    I guess I'll wait a month or two before posting it, because updates will come at a snail's pace at this point in time (gah why did i think 2 summer school courses is a good idea).

    Why is sheet music on the site actually playable (and some even sight-read-able) and still sound good? This isn't right XD
    Holy fuck thank you so much. I haven't been there in forever--they didn't have PDFs and I forgot about it because that was really inconveniencing. BUT NOW THEY HAVE PDF FILES OF THE SONGS. THANK YOU.
    I've come across that before... Maybe I missed the Mt. Pyre one?

    Well, I'm working on an orchestral version of Primal Dialga, but from what I'm seeing, it can only be played by the Boston Pops. Or an sequencer. The piano one, I've abandoned already, because it is actually impossible to play unless you have 3 hands or 14 fingers. Or you're like Rachmaninoff.

    And if your friend figures it out, please kindly inform me. I need to get it.

    I don't know if I should post my arrangements on here or something. I've made quite a few that no one has done before, but... I don't really want to post it until I've got a complete collection.
    ... Where did you find the sheet music? I myself have also been searching for it.

    And if you also happen to have the sheet music for Primal Dialga, that would make this the best day of my life. :D
    Thank you for your imaqinary rainbow cake.

    Also I have heard some thinqs that make me wonder if he broke up with me for the purpose of findinq other qirls. To have, at most, a six-week flinq. After all his fuckinq bitchinq about how we dont see each other enouqh and how we dont have any time left, it would be the biqqest damn hypocrisy of all time. I really hope its not true because if it is, I swear I am punchinq him in his fuckinq face when he qets back.
    (sorry this is late, I lost the internet moving house!)

    Oh, I know. It wasn't me who put it there - interestingly, I think it links to my FF.net account, which is where my reasonably sane stuff went - the actual, honest-to-goodness crack is all on thepokemontower. But you really, really don't have to read anything. I'm terribly embarassed of my old fanfics, especially since I wrote most of them nearly a decade ago XD

    Also, while I'm here - have you been drawing much recently?
    Damn, it really sucks that that happened with you and your friend. :c
    "the story we're writing about her love life where everyone overreacts to everything. :V"
    Wait, is this like an actual story? Because this would so make for an epic TV show.

    "thanks for listening to me ; ; i can't say that enough"
    Hey, it's absolutely no problem. :P

    Ugh, the boyfriend. :c Things have taken a turn for the worse and the uncertain. I wrote a long post explaining everything and the fucking forum fails. >.< Basically, most people I've spoken to are like "contact him anyway" or "break up with him." I'm a little worried that he willbreak up with me, or that he'll cheat or something... but I can't even say anything until he's actually gone, you know? I could make this easier and just break up. I guess. But how can I quit before it's even started?

    The thing is I trust him when he says what he says. Maybe I should be more on my guard or something, but paranoia has never served me well. On the contrary, many of my Grr posts are about how my paranoia was ruining my relationship. If I let it get back now, then I'll be worse than when I started. Ugh...

    He says that he knows when he starts to go to one end of the scale, and that he's felt it coming recently. That's the reason he wanted a break. I guess it's like if you're Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, you cage yourself at night to prevent Hyde from coming out (never actually read this book so :x idk if this actually happens). Still, I think we should have some contact. Today I'm gonna call him and suggest that we send letters, because you can't send letters instantly and they're a physical reminder and all that.

    Sometimes it's just... I see other people and for them it's so easy. They see their darlings every day (or at least saw them at school) and none of them have any mental conditions or anything and yet they still fight and shit. I'm trying to keep it all together under very different conditions. I resent them, I really do. Ultimately, I do think that we're going to stay together once school starts, and I do think that he's not going to cheat or do anything stupid. Because that's what love and trust mean, I guess. :x Even though I feel like shit, I trust him for those two months he'll be gone. Still won't prevent me from getting jittery and desperately wanting school to start so I could see him again and know for sure whether my trust paid off.

    EDIT: So uh, if you'll see my recent post in the Grr thread, you'll know why I don't talk to my friend about my relationship issues. Mostly because nothing she's ever said has actually been helpful. I know that she means well but uh, yeah.

    Fuck, everything's just falling apart. The one thing I had was trust. Now she's putting even that into question. I wish she'd just say "don't date him because he's a lying troll" because at least that would be straightforward.
    It's a shame it had to go down like that, especially if he was a good guy (or at least fun?) in real life. :c It's amazing how differently people can act when a screen is involved.

    "Nobody likes her boyfriend..." Agh, is it awful that I find this particular statement amusing? I'm just imagining you (or my mental image of you) saying this in a really bemused voice, like it's the most obvious thing in the world.

    Well, I really hope things get better between you and your friends. :c

    It's absolutely awful that this so-called friend of yours did that. :| What a fucking assdrip.

    How is your best friend feeling about this? I read in your rant that she's angry at you. Had you ever implied to her that you didn't particularly like her boyfriend, or is this the first time she's heard anything of the sort?

    You're absolutely right in cutting off communication with him. I can't even begin to think of what would justify hurting someone you supposedly like in such manner. It's even worse because I was thinking that since he has a boyfriend now (who is apparently your friend's boyfriend's brother?) he'd leave you friend alone. I guess not. :|

    I hope things will get better for you, because that plum pit needs some serious maturing to go through before he can even begin to have a stable friendship with anybody.
    Ugh, things seem to have taken a sudden turn for the worse. :c

    If you saw my post in the Grr thread, you'll see that my boyfriend wants to take a break. Wanted to. Suggested it. I don't know anything at this point, we didn't decide on anything.

    This isn't breaking up but... it just makes me sad. If he needs time, whatever. I understand that. But I just can't believe that he's still so unsure. I've already cried all I need to cry, so I'm okay now and I'm thinking more rationally. I'm just afraid that when he comes back, he'll decide that he doesn't want anything to do with me and break up. :|

    Well, if you love something let it go; if it comes back, it's yours. I'm seeing him tonight. *sigh* I'm thinking of ways for us to see each other more often when school starts. I'll do whatever is necessary. But for those plans to happen, there needs to be, you know, something to come back to when school starts. Everything is uncertain at this point. And I continue to trust him. I still trust that he won't break up with me, that he will sort himself out. Who knows, sometimes people do need time apart to get their own shit together (I keep thinking of Jane Eyre, whose situation was notably worse than mine).
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