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  • True. :C

    Well we don't let our lawyers wear awesome purple/red suits in Britain anyway so I probably wouldn't even be allowed to cosplay as Edgey. :(
    It is. D:
    Yes but this time it was actual Spottedleaf kind of and not dreamSpottedleaf :3

    But where would I get an awesome purple suit at such short notice
    awesome as always :D except now I barely remember the other five books BUT STILL
    also spottedleaf appeared in it :3

    also on Tuesday I have to go into university and pretend to be a lawyer. I am tempted to cosplay as Edgeworth somehow.

    (I might be slightly unresponsive since I'm cropping avatars from screenshots of YouTube MLP videos.)

    It's a forum, of course you'd have enough time >| What did the rules say?

    "This is a forum, and you have enough time to type out proper words."

    I typed it out myself, so it might be a bit off.

    XD Same here~
    Then they go

    "Dang it, stop acting like a professor it's not formal or anything >|"

    ...yup xD

    I...didn't mean to do that. I'm serious. xD

    That kind of spelling makes me annoyed, grr. >|


    XD (I can tell.)

    I have like the best pronounciation and spelling and other grammar things out of all my friends (most of which are two years older than me :P)
    XD Well, it happened. I obviouslt wasn't either, but it's my favorite thread. I read it over and over xD

    I don't really stress over grammar like that, it's very normal for me to type with no effort. I mean something like

    "omg wat u didnt do that how cud u!!!11!"

    I'd mentally scold them. I never really go out of my way to use perfect grammar, but I hate the excuse "it aint grammer class kk??" -_-

    Sorry I took so long, I was off the computer awhile without logging out.


    I...don't know.

    Very true, I suppose...

    I know that, but I strive for perfect grammar okay?


    I...don't like it that much. See, I don't always use it. It's more of a list bullet thing. IT'S CUTE I DON'T KNOW WHY. Actually maybe it's because I associated it with you (when I was reading threads, I practically was thinking "I must talk to her sometime :3 I MUST!") I know what it's not Christmas, but I like weird out of place things 8D Hmm, I have seen too many things that I seem to have forgotten now xD OH OH the most memorable thing was Cloudsong's going away party but that's fairly recent. And yes, I see you see 8D
    Usually. Hmm...

    Haha, Butterfree's guide confused me Dx However, Lissa Explains It All is much worse so whatever.

    I know, but it's hard to not make it sound like I ripped off TCoD (the only Pokemon site I go to is TCoD, and occasionally Altered Origin.)

    So I heard you play trumpet (guess what meme this is imitating) I knowww. That last sentence is strangely adorable 8D
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