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  • Also what exactly is your avatar? I love it~*

    However I found it much cuter with the badly drawn Santa hat~*

    Yes I read that thread I read many outdated threads~*

    Aaand for some reason I like doing this~*
    Oh, I didn't realize you replied Dx I'll, uh, continue this.

    CSS is harder, HTML is much simpler. XD
    Can you tell I haven't really worked on it for a few months? I haven't gotten any good ideas Dx

    Because she didn't want to pay for my lessons :c Thing is, when we don't go to the lessons I get lazy and refuse to play my violin.
    I know HTML much better than CSS XD Although I could make some good designs c: Pokemon. Amd my other odd interests. I think we all like Pokemon~ And I play violin, but my mom stopped taking me to my violin lessons :c
    Yes. I have too manyhobbies/interests XD Like HTML/CSS, Pokemon (duh), anatomy, dogs, etc. I'm working on a website actually c:
    Uh...I'm bad with words. I've read several older threads with you in them, and wanted to talk to you...um...what do you like?
    Ah, I was wondering why you hadn't responded. I even thought to myself "did I post what it was I wanted to post?" and then I thought "oh, I guess she must be busy or something."

    I know I shouldn't be but I can't help it. It's in my nature to worry excessively about things. :c I've been trying to calm down about it recently. I think I've gotten better in terms of paranoia, but it's always there.

    Ugh, it seems like your situation went from bad to worse. :( You said you're sure that if you told her it would change your relationship permanently? Like, she wouldn't talk to you anymore?
    Oh, awesome, that's great. I have friends with crush troubles, too. One of my friends' crush is pretty much a dead-end so she's just pining in the dark, and another is being weird and superficial. My love life is going pretty well - my boyfriend is pretty awesome~. I'm still paranoid and nervous, though. :|

    So... I hear you play trumpet. o:
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