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    you win a cookie
    you may redeem your prize from anywhere they sell cookies in exchange for the price of a cookie
    That is excellent o.o I love the way the sun's making her cast a long shadow and the trumpet is perfect - I've tried drawing musical instruments before, and they always end up horribly wonky XD
    If you have any more pictures scanned, I'd like to see them! Assuming you don't have an art thread? I really need to pay better attention to the Art part of the forum. I've been neglecting my own thread there terribly. I've been sort-of drawing recently. I've rediscovered my childhood love of crayons XD

    And thank you! ^^
    Because that was the day when I was all "actually that's not a bad Pokémon"
    I think most of the reason I disliked them in the first place is because theyre the third Fire/Fighting starter family in a row and I decided that for that reason I would not like them no matter what.


    It's not so much that it's bad-looking as barely different from the non-shiny.

    I really must get round to reading the sixth Warriors book incidentally.
    I didn't even like Tepig's evos until like yesterday :c

    Yes but I thought you'd need WiFi which I do not possess.

    Ah good.
    All my favourite Pokémon have terrible shinies. ;~;

    also I only just noticed your avatar is no longer christmassy :v
    Yeah but you have two days longer to decide which starter you want
    I'm suddenly torn between Tepig and Oshawott

    Aha. So maybe I can get Victini/Zorua sometime! huzzah

    Ew shiny Floatzel or ew Floatzel in general?
    Indeed. :333
    Hey, North America gets everything else first. Except the 3DS which we also apparently get two days before you in Europe. :D

    So you actually still go into game shops to get event Pokémon? I thought it was all WiFiified and stuff now

    Floatzel. Which is one of my favourite Pokémon but... urgh just look at it
    I don't really have a favourite gen but Emerald is my favourite overall game
    I imagine White will probably change that when it arrives on Friday however :D

    Or, you know, you could just do the Mew glitch. :3

    I've been playing for at least 12 years and have found one shiny ever
    You both sicken me
    I want a Celebi

    Also even as someone who got Pokémon Blue when it first came out every time I play Gen 1 I'm like "well this is kinda lame" and I feel horrible about it :<
    Downloading Celebis onto Blue is harder still, however
    Which is pronounced FROHN-say which is only one silent letter

    also I am considering inventing a language, it will be characterised as being crap
    I wanted to reply to your "you can speak French if you dont pronounce the last four letters of every word" comment by putting "Am I speaking French now" but missing the last four letters off each word but most of those words aren't even four letters long

    Advice... besides the tried and true "do it quickly so you don't have time to back out"? It helps to look them in the eye so they know that you're not being insincere. Be brave is an obvious one. Don't panic, just think "what's the worst that can happen?" and realize that the worst thing (they don't like you back) isn't that bad because then you can start the road to healing. All in all, be quick and calm.
    Oh, good to know you're not upset - obviously that's even better. :D And clearly this is one more point of the "just spit it out" crowd!

    No problem at all, glad I could help. :3
    I read your post in the "relationships" thread. Sorry that it ended so... cryptically. :| He definitely reacted in a very roundabout way. If he's lying, then it seems like he's probably not interested and didn't know how to tell you.

    In any case, you were braver than me by actually doing it in real life. I think you went about doing it perfectly fine. I'm not sure what else to say... I hope you'll feel better and less confused. :(
    I honestly felt like throwing up before I told my crush. It's best to do it quickly so you don't have time to back out (this was my strategy - type what you want to say, hit send, don't look back). You're doing it in real life so it's harder, but honestly you can do it. :D
    Alright, I wish you the best of luck this time and I hope nothing happens to prevent its happening. :x It's hard, but I know you can do it and you have nothing to lose.

    Here's hoping it all works out well on Monday. :D
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