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  • Thanks! But, NWT made her transparent for me already. :D;
    also tranny frannyvee reminds me:

    *Xikaze read Frannyvee as Trannyvee.
    Blu do you happen to have the transparentized version of Frannyvee?

    I just realized that the one I'm using isn't. ;;
    You obviosly have a lot of admirers here, and some even worship you! :] Wl thats fine, ummmmmmm, nice spriting?
    Yes, we're meeting in 10 days :B also thank you : D

    HARRY. Omg he must be quite big now right? Tell him I said happy beefday, even if he is a cat who does not understand people language lol ;-;
    AND its good that you're back in school... also going in for just one day a week is probably best, you don't want to jump right into full time straight away :B

    Oh and I finished my GCSES : D So in September I will be in year 12 oh god
    Aaaaaa lots of stuff happened :I but I can't remember most of it
    best stuff: Timmy is now my girlfriend : D, 100k died and got replaced with Infinite K... yeah I can't remember much else ;-;
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