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  • Lesson: Indigo/Mewtini is the oddest 10 year old that ever walked the Earth.

    :o okay, then *blows off smoke from gun* B|
    The Scyther was a birthday gift.

    I knew it when I named it XD "Mia" is the name of a Scyther Pokemorph in Morphic, so I named him that anyway.
    My next pass is around memorial day; the weekend leading up to it. Memorial day will give me an extra day on pass, which'll be wonderful! I can't wait to return :)
    I thought it might be the Forum Games :o Hm.

    Alright, that's fine! Ah, you're in...PDT? :o I've never heard of that timezone, the only one that's similar in my knowledge is PST.
    Haha, but it seems fun. My mock battle took me about two days to write/revise.

    8D I like to make people laugh.

    If you could, that'd be great! :D
    Hey, congrats on becoming a ref!

    I, on the other hand, must try harder. D:

    Seriously, congratulations.
    Interesting... But you can sort of attach personalities to your Pokemon in ASB. You can give them signature abilities. But these take awhile to be approved and Negrek makes sure it isn't overpowered. Sorry for being redundant if you knew that already.
    Eh, waiting for a ref isn't that bad XD I've been inactive for a while but did ASB. There are new refs that are more available like Squornshellous Beta XD But yeah, ASB is more of a waiting game than fast action.
    Still really long, though. XD I got so twisted when I tried to read through that XD
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