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  • Fweendz? :) Also, epic characters seem to be a trait of many of the LBP members.
    *Looks at forum games*


    I am liked! SkyAngel awesomely cool also! Flyte, I must say, is also quite the epic character.
    Yep! And besides, sometimes you just need to be in the mindset for it. It'll get easier. :]
    Well, here's four. They don't have titles, though.

    It is in my heart to heal, don't you see?
    Go on a rendezvous with me~
    I'll attract you with my sweet kiss~
    It'll be my charm and grace you'll miss~
    I'm such a pretty pink
    Some people think
    That I'm the perfect gift
    And they're right!

    At dusk I drift off with my friends
    But when night ends
    I need to rest
    And I'm best
    When I ease my burdens

    I'll spar with you, sure!
    But I won't give you the cure
    When I put you to sleep
    And you're in deep
    Because that's sure to happen
    One hundred percent positive!

    Once in a while
    My love's flower arrangement
    And my ribbon dance
    Will create a perfect performance
    Until he evolved
    My love was unrequited
    But now
    He wishes to dance
    Yet I bid him goodbye
    As I meet a lovely psyduck
    Tres novecientos setenta nueve
    Ciento cinco

    Some of them are pretty easy. The last one is bizzarre, but I like it for the fact that it is incredibly hard and ridiculous. :)
    Thanks. :D

    Sorry about that, but remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Someone likes it, or would like it if they saw it. Your art is nice.

    I've actually got a few riddles, if you'd like to see them. I've posted them in the Riddle game, but I've got them saved so that I don't have to dig them up.
    I like the Frollo drawing you did. You're a bit too negative. :(

    Also, on a related note, you're making me feel far too LBP-y creative. I made a Smile poem:

    I'm Smile, and Life is a Game

    Smile, such a happy name.
    I'm Smile, and life is a game.
    I grin and I bounce and I fly and I hop,
    For me, life is a game that will never stop.
    Flyte is my friend, and flight is quite fun,
    Flight is a game which Flyte hasn't won.
    I shall teach him, and with my name,
    Flyte will win his flying game.
    Xhan, a riolu, is also a friend.
    Me and my games will never end!
    I sparkle and glitter and that gives me joy,
    But that doesn't seem to be the with the persian boy.
    He helped me with snow,
    But it confuses me, and I don't know,
    What he really meant?

    Does he mean to hurt me?
    No he can't... Can he?
    He pounced on me,
    Did he mean it?
    This is so confusing...
    I think I'll just Smile.
    After all, my name's Smile, and life is a game.
    Isn't it?

    Yeah... I prefer riddles, but I guess it's good.
    Yes, experience. :)

    Sounds fun! I think I like the tripping idea better than smoldering, actually, makes more sense.

    And on more random events to put in there, maybe we should make a list of every character and what they could do. It would be a bit tooo much, but maybe we could work from there. The characters are:

    Leo the Quilava:

    Basaina the Arcanine :

    Lurkky the Mightyena :

    Claude Frollo the Alakazam: Judging another character, attacking specially,

    Naxalge the Absol:

    Xero the Umbreon:

    Edward Alarick the Persian: Getting annoyed and attacking physically,

    Sheila Vexzorn the Ninetales:

    Dawave the Nidoking:

    Paza the Meowth:

    Allum the Eevee:

    Xenon the Gallade:

    Hoss the Marowak:

    Pali the Erufuun:

    Mandulus the Bannette:

    Dominic the Raichu:

    Astrid the Electrike:

    Magic the Wargle:
    A battle of epic, sparkly porportions.

    Well, maybe the ground could be smoldering from battle, making you be damaged if you touched the ground? Oh, and battling going on in the distance, with a chance every round you could get hit by something. And on every other round, an LBP character could appear, with a different action? Like Claude Frollo could 'judge' one of us, attacking specially? And the persian (Can't think of name now) could get irritated and attack us physically? And Halan could heal one of us?

    Man, this is going to be complicated and fun.

    EDIT: The name is edward. And my entire round was status effects. I feel silly :(
    Oh well!
    Yeah, it will be fun! And if we get past the Viridian Pits in the RP by the time we have them approved, then maybe we can fight there?
    I think it's cute! :)

    Thanks! Oh, and here's a dragonfruit! *Hands you a dragonfruit*

    Now we may face each other in a valiant battle! Also, how do you like the idea of making our RP characters in ASB? We could make some sig attributes and attach it to them, though not to be overpowered I probably would have to cut out Smile's metronome manipulation. I don't have enough money, but still. Maybe after this battle?
    Hello SkyAngel. I may be able to make a different icon for the Dark Side. Only if ya want me too.
    Welcome~ Haha, yeah. But you're allowed to make more than one picture so you don't HAVE to draw one everyday. I've already drawn one picture of Mebukijika Winter Forme, the evolution of Shikijika. Ah, I see. I hope you do well! It's always a good idea to set a goal. :D
    Ah, the NaNoWriMo. I'm planning on being there for the award ceremony (if there is one). NaNoWriMo seems very time-consuming xD There's an ArtMo for artists in December, and that's what I'm planning on doing. You need to draw a picture every day and man; THAT will be time-consuming. xD

    Anyway, can't wait to read your poems!
    Blah, you're still a young poet. Those people who your find better are most likely a lot older than you. I seriously love how you write poetry, and I actually like it more than the so-called "experienced" poetry writers. I feel the passion when you write it, unlike all the others, where all I feel is either greed for money or I-didn't-put-too-much-thought-into-this. <3 Just keep writing those beautiful poems, okay? ;)
    Ahahah, I see~

    Wow, those were great! I especially loved the one about Love, the first one. That was sweet~ I really want to see more of your work, Sky! You're so good at poetry and writing! You can be famous for that! It's THAT good! <3 I envy your talent for that. :O
    That's great! I'm so glad to hear that!

    Ooh, I'll go check them out now! :D <3 I bet you did perfectly fine~<3
    That's good. :D You...doing okay with your family?

    Ooh, if you haven't posted them yet, may I please read them? I love poems~ And you're such a good writer, so your poems must be fabulous~<3
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