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  • Hahah. I recieved two friend requests within a few hours of signing up. It is a nice feeling and thank you for the comments on my spritework. Because of school I don't really have the time to work on them anymore. But I still take requests where I can. As I said i would enjoy getting to know someone like you.
    Of course. You seem a nice person and the kind that I would indeed like to be friends with.
    Sky, I love you for all those posts in the theism thread, but you finally touched on the truth as I did a couple weeks ago. No matter if you disprove everything they say against the bible and then show solid evidence of the flood etcetera they still won't believe because they're just stuck that way.
    I should have been off a few hours ago, hahah! I have to get up early to do some schoolwork and projects. Oh, and I see a few people have replied to your thread. <3 See? People do care, and they don't think that your problem is junk. Anyway, good-night and sweet dreams!
    Really? Ahahahah! We should both get some sleep. It's 12:17 AM right now where I live. xD But I'm not tired. :D
    That's good, and you're welcome. If you don't get any replies at first, don't worry. Time Zones suck, you know? :D Right about now I should be sleeping, ahah.
    I just finished reading it. I normally don't curse, but whoever considers that junk is a bitch. Seriously. Oh, and Phantom? Yeah, she's a she. xD Apologize and don't think too much about it - I was mistaken for a boy once. :D The person just didn't read the 'Gender' part on my posts. :D

    EDIT: Oh, and your current activity reads that you're making a thread in the Coughing Cupboard. Good, just like I said, let it all out. It will definetly help.
    People aren't all I'm right you're wrong, we just believe something is different and defend it. I changed, I was the most devout Catholic I knew, until my junior year of high school.
    Junk? Oh, no! If there's a situation, it's not junk! Ah, I see. Well, that's good, now isn't it? :D
    You realize people can see each other's visitor messages right? BTW I ignored it because talking about it would be spam and not on topic. But yes it did bother me.

    BTW I AM NOT A "HE".

    Thank you.
    Oh, I see. I see. Well, we cannot undo the past, and even if you did insult someone, it wasn't intentional, right? As long as you keep that in mind, you should feel a bit better. Oh, man, that's happened to me a lot of times! Sarcastic comments and me not being so smart about it, harharhar. :3 Oh, really? Well, what was it about? I might be able to help. :3 There have been a lot of crazy things going on in my house, too.
    Alright, that's good~ ^-^ Anyway, I see. So they dissparove of what you wrote...yeah, that's what happens in the Serious Buisness thread, ahahah. Well, I don't belive they'd think that you gave up - I used to think that before, but I found out that people just stop thinking about it~ Yup. Oh, so you copy-pasted some quotes on the forums? Well, you could just use the muti-quote button! It's very helpful, and once you've finished copy-pasting all the bible scriptures, you could then copy the whole thing, right? Or, you could write everything on the the Notepad installed in your computer and copy-paste from there. :D Yeah, when Butterfree titled it 'Serious Buisness', she meant serious buisness, hahah! Instead of the Serious Buisness thread, I usually post in the Coughing Cupboard instead and help people out. I enjoy helping people. :D Almost everybody in the Serious Buisness thread had that set to mind. That's another reason why I stopped posting, haha. Everybody was so firm on their opinion and everyone one like THIS R SERIUZ BUIZNESS AND I B SERIUS I RITE U RONG TROLOLOLOL and stuff. So, I just moved along~
    Haha, the first time I posted something serious I was slightly concerned, but I just dealt with whatever happened. I don't post there much anymore because in all honesty, I try to stay out of subjects like, ahah. Oh, I've typed messages that took about a good two hours before. And they were quite pointless, haha! Mainly visitor messages from my good friend Arylett Dawnsborough. We types lots. :o Oh, I could never write a story and then lose it! That happened a few times to me before. What I do is just copy-paste the whole thing, so if something like that happens I still have everything ready. Also, do you have Remember Me checked? If you do, it shouldn't log you off.
    Haha, don't worry everyone gets lost at times! Haha, my whole hand gets sore. :D I type a lot. In all honesty, I don't think they'll completely hate you, but people against what you said will definetly reply with their beliefs. If it's really bothering you, I would delete the message until you're ready to really post there. A lot of people are against Christianity, but that doesn't stop you from having your own opinion, right? :D I'm Christian, and I don't let anyone change my beliefs! :D Their reaction will just be an objection to what you said, most likely.
    Welcome! Haha, out of all the forums I've been to, I must agree - this is definetly the best fourm. Many topics with down-to-Earth members, amazing mods, and good grammar and spelling, hahahah! Alright, so let's see: Pokécommunity's too big [The Cave of Dragonflies isn't too big nor too small, so I see where you got that from], Psypoké's too impersonal [TCoD's not like that! D:], and Serebii's server lags [The Cave of Dragonflies has never lagged for me :D]. Haha, TCoD's great~ I love it. :D

    Oh goodness I gave up on the game, hahah! My brain was frying - I just can't seem to figure almost anything out! I think I got up to number four. As for the ASB and Safari Zone, you could ask my friend Mike the Foxhog. He does this kind of stuff all the time, and I bet he would happily explain it~
    Hello, I'd just like to welcome you once more to TCoD! I hope you enjoy it here very much!
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