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    I have had an idea. Do you want to create the, "Dark Side Sprite, Avatar, and Banner Shop" 'cause now we got River, and he could make banner for people who request Dark Legion, side, or spliced, dark pokemon. Like any pokemon in general but changed to be looking like Dark Side pokemon! I might do it anyway...

    EDIT: oh yea, that was you're idea in the first place...I also find it amazing we aren't friends yet :D
    I am entering The Dark Side. It has a sprite contest., I hear. Purely for that reason :)
    Also, yes. I have been procrastinating. For a very important reason. Not really.
    I'm thinking more open roles with randomized who's playing who because one: I've already told you some ideas I'd of which characters would have which roles, and two being that it would be pretty obvious or easy to guess who the mafia are, especially if we keep discussing it. ):

    So, I'm thinking randomizing the roles with the roles being listed. Here's the list of members, so we can fill it up. I'll edit this post if we have any ideas.

    Leo the Quilava:

    Basaina the Arcanine : Vigilante?

    Lurkky the Mightyena :Alien?

    Claude Frollo the Alakazam: Inspector

    Naxalge the Absol:

    Xero the Umbreon:

    Edward Alarick the Persian: Mafia?

    Sheila Vexzorn the Ninetales:Lover?

    Dawave the Nidoking:

    Paza the Meowth:

    Allum the Eevee:

    Xenon the Gallade:

    Hoss the Marowak:

    Pali the Erufuun:

    Mandulus the Bannette:

    Dominic the Raichu:

    Astrid the Electrike:

    Magic the Wargle:Terrorist?

    Smile the Togetic:Variable, healer, alien

    Flyte the Eevee:Healer
    I'm not a very good scratch sprite maker. :p The only pokemon I ever scratched was Frosslass and Cherrium. We could open a "Dark Side Sprite/Avatar/Banner Shop" where I use a sprite someone asked me to recolor or so and place it on a backround that someone would like. We could have you, Titress and me making sprites! Just sorta merge with Titress's shop maybe. I think that would be a good idea! What do ya think?
    Yeah, I know, right? I was just thinking about the LBP and then I was, like, mafia! :DDDDD

    So yes. I was thinking having every single player playing with every character as an option. It might be a bit tricky, but I like that idea. However, I've never hosted a game before, so I'm not sure how good I'd do.

    But if I host it, or anybody else in the RP, then we won't have enough people for every character. :(

    We should like, make a rough draft of the role idea, though. This idea sounds fun!
    I really should get back to spriting! I can help with the banners and stuff! I've found that I'm actually pretty good at banner/avatar making! I would most likely only be good at sprites on one, but I could always try regular art!
    Totally off our curent topic, but:

    Legendary Beast Pack Mafia.

    Yes? No? Do you play mafia? It is awesome. I have some crude ideas, like Flyte being doctor and Claude Frollo being inspector, but other than that, no idea. Does it sound good?
    Yea, I saw it was only you and Titress and decided to join since most pokemon I like are dark types. xD I had drawn a picture of Umbreon before, but I can't figure out how to get it onto my computer! x} I think I'll make the link in my siggy to the dark side bigger! It may get us more members, maybe put the link on a banner I make!
    I saw the post about the nerf guns too! You should start another contest since the one you had is over. When i first started here there used to be sprite contest. It was quite fun to do them and we won trophys. *IDEA* we could make bronze, silver, and gold cookie trophys! With the amount of cookies you won on it!
    Yea. I had looked through my sprites I had saved and I chose some of them that looked evilish! :3 Yay, cookies!! I think Titress should get cookies because he does the Dark Legion pokemon! But, that's you're decision.
    Yay! Glad you like it! Three of them are by me,(Weavile,Black and White pokemon, and the Espeon.) Mad MOAI mmade the Gardevoir with a tail, Titress the Eevee, and I'm not sure who did the other Gardevoir...But it says "Won't you join us? We have cookies for you!" Glad you like it, though! :3
    Here you are Sky! ->
    Sunflora's not that bad, but I kind of agree with you on Loudred. Also, isn't Celebi's crush on Grovyle kind of cute? She just randomly denies liking him. It's kind of funny, cute, and embarrassing because you can actually imagine her being that awkward.
    I used to hate him too, but then I played the special episode. Now he makes me go D'aawwww and not hate the species. Also on his wish, bidoof's wish could have actually saved the world, because he created you (kind of) and you defeat darkrai.
    Well, it is, but not THAT much. They're not like different stories altogether. Speaking of which, isn't the story awesome? I love good plots... I was so excited when mystery dungeon came out.
    I have both, actually. Why do you want to get Time? They're pretty similar.

    *Goes off to run after perfect apples*

    They're perfect.
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