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  • :D

    Thanks! BUT since you're a magikarp and Mariambette is a cactus I don't see how the could be friends or anything, especially considering I'm making her insane. ):
    Prehistoric pokemon. She'll be all like 'hahahaha those stupid tyrannasaurus-es can't touch me I'm a pokemon' and it'll be hilarious. :D

    An unneccessarily complicated name of epic proportions. She will be like a crime boss who dances. Obsessively. What do you think?
    Hey Sky~

    I'm still calling you Sky. Also, post in the LBP please? You not posting makes me not post, and being behind makes me sad. :(

    Which is why I'm crying about Awakening. ; ;

    I can't think! I'm going to be ridiculously behind.
    Yay! And thanks! :) Flyte is pretty much you're signature character for Pokemon RP's now! XD
    (I am like a VM stalker ;-;) but...are tou going to make a mafia? It would be the first one I do if you do make it, cause I would like to join it :D I can't help it, I'm nosy!
    Hrm... I don't think Smile would fit well for Animals Inside Me, so I think I'll make up a new character. You can still be Flyte though.
    Haha! It's still a testing phase though. I tried it with Blaziken and I think it turned out alright! Haha, eat that!
    You've probably been ninja'd by this time. Also, I never knew Savannah was so snarky and analytical. :o
    You kind of are, sadly. ):

    But turns out you couldn't have joined mafia anyway. Butterfree closed the signups at fifty people.

    Yeah, I'm kind of sad too, but I've narrowed my list to a few other pokemon: Skitty, swablu, plusle, and tabunne.

    Are you going to post your Nano? It sounds great~

    Yeah, you're kind of behind. In a lot of things, actually. But you'll catch up. ;)
    You are in NaNoWriMo. I did not notice that, but your story sounds awesome!

    ALSO, Awakening has started.
    47 now~

    But I can't be togetic in Animals Inside Me. ):

    I will have to find another adequate pokemon, then. Smile shall prevail in another form! Also, Allum is there, but he's a tropius now. :/
    SkyAngel please join TVTropes mafia. There are 42 players. It will be epic.
    Aww... bye.

    I'll probably be on and off for at least two hours, though, if you get time.

    Also, we should make a plan to put LBP references in as many things as possible. There should be a discussion for that.

    But we'd have to be newcomer friendly! We need general discussions as well. :)

    OH SNAP~!

    You did not forget to make it Smile & Flyte's Hideout, full of LBP references. Did you? I will have to check~


    So yes. I request entrance~
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