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Recent content by Crystallic_Shadow

  1. Crystallic_Shadow

    Pokemon Names?

    I still love my Cherry Pie. It was originally a Caterpie (Starts with C, ends with pie), but I name my soon-to-be-Dustoxes that, too.
  2. Crystallic_Shadow

    Gaia Online

    I'm Frozia.
  3. Crystallic_Shadow

    Platinum Discussion

    Infernape's design is cool, but that's the only fire starter I didn't get. I just don't like monkeys. *shrug* Also, yay for starters in Amity Square!
  4. Crystallic_Shadow

    The Clue Game

    26 is killing my brain. x.x
  5. Crystallic_Shadow


    Re: You go "Awwwwwwwwww," you lose Baby octupus maketh me lose. <3
  6. Crystallic_Shadow

    Favorite Gym Leader?

    Fantina, 'cause ghosts are <3. Flannery's cool, too.
  7. Crystallic_Shadow

    Platinum Discussion

    RefridgeRotom! <3 *want*
  8. Crystallic_Shadow

    The Absence Sheet

    I'm officially home now. :D
  9. Crystallic_Shadow

    Coffee or Tea?

    Tea. Coffee is xP.
  10. Crystallic_Shadow

    The Absence Sheet

    I'm evacuated. x.x So I probably won't be able to get on too much. According to school, I should be home Thursday (Sept. 4) unless it's a bad hit.
  11. Crystallic_Shadow

    What Pokemon are you emotionally attached to?

    Dratini--first pokemon I ever saw. Mew--AMAZING lucky coincidence I got one. I loveses it. Torchic--It's just so CUTE! Duskull, Shuppet, and Drifloon--I just love them.
  12. Crystallic_Shadow

    What Pokemon do you like that other people hate?

    Zubat is teh cute! It was one of the first pokemon I found out about, actually. Absol and Houndoom are awesome, too.
  13. Crystallic_Shadow

    First Day of Junior Year!

    My senior year is probably going to be harder than my junior year. o.o I'm taking APs for the first time (2 of them) and Honors Calc and Honors Physics. x.x
  14. Crystallic_Shadow

    The Challenge Board

    Awesome arena. I'll battle. Profile