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Dave Strider
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  • oh well, i'll get round to it. I created Signature moves for gen 1 starters aswell, so i'll post them once i transfer it from my other computer onto this one.
    Psst, I've made up signature moves for the 2nd geneation starters!
    (all special)
    Cyndaquil: Quil bomb, 80 base power, always burns, one target, once every 3 turns.
    Quilava: Lava bomb, 100 base power, hits everyone on the field and always burns, once every 4 turns.
    Typhlosion: Eruption, 150 base power, hits all targets, alawys burns, can be used once every 5 turns.
    (all special)
    Chikorita: Sword leaf, 50 base power, hits one target and atttacts it(if opposite gender), can be used every 3 turns.
    Bayleef: Leaf barrage, hits two enemies, 60 base power, attracts, once every 4 turns.
    Meganium: Sweet scent, heals all allies on the field to full health, attracts all enemies(if opposite gender), can be used once per battle.
    (all physical)
    Totodile: Aqua tackle, 80 base power, one target, always makes flinch, once every 3 turns.
    Croconaw: Fury, hits one target, 60 base power, raises Croconaw's attack by two stages for every hit he takes for 2 turns(*), once every 4 turns.
    Feraligatr: Waterfall, hits two targets, 130 base damage, always maeks flinch.

    Whenever I say turn I mean round, expect at the * near croconaw.
    Make the usage gap 5 rounds, most of them are quite powerful. Make the Dark one 7 rounds, ghost 6 rounds and it's fine.

    Dark - Frightening look - Once per 5 rounds(instead of the regular 3), makes all of the opponents pokemon be unable to move if their speed is in a range of (User's speed+/- 12)

    Ghost - Phaser - User can't be hurt for the round. Can be used once every 4 rounds.

    Each type sig may be used once every 3 rounds.

    Also: Body mods are different. Explaining you later if you want.
    I think every pokemon should have 3 attacks, in a mix of support, attack and defence, but most should be all out on offence,

    Good system, but Vine wrap should be a body-mod rather than a move.
    Oh. But...adding some attacks(for variant) isn't so hard to calculate! Expect types and weaknesses and ressistances..(now it becomes hard)
    Well, figuring out the attack stuff wasn't really hard.

    P.S. Why not make it based on pokemon TCG instead of Yu-gi-oh?(I remember my friend used to be obsessed with the latter...)
    D'aaw, and It took so long for me to create the system... By the way, you might want to halve the defence(so 15 power against 12 defense becomes 9 damage), and add my idea of:

    Damage=(Special/Attack)-(Special/Defence:2), and you might add this for balance:

    Base damage= (Special/Attack)X(Attack's base power:100)

    So, stone edge would have the full power, eruption even more, and thief hardly any damage.

    Anyway, here's da syztem:

    (Attack stat)X(Move's base power:100)Plus(Pptional: Total stat boost)-(Defender's defence stat:2)Plus(Optional: Total stat boost)X(2 if reflect/deflect is on)= Hp the Defender loses.
    Hp: That's fairly obvious, every pokemon has HP and losses them whenever it's attacked.
    Speed: The battle is put in rounds, and every round each player may:
    Summon one pokemon/Evolve one pokemon use one item/use one area card/or attack once.

    The thing is, each pokemon has the following speed formula:
    (Base Speed)X(Boost/Loss, 1 point being 1.5 and two being 2. Maximum 6).
    Each pokemon acts when his oppurnity comes, somewhat like in DND. Here's an example:

    Player A:
    Empoleon(20 base speed, just an example)
    Infernape(50 base speed)

    Player B:
    Heracross(35 base speed)
    Metagross(20 base speed)

    Player A's pokemon acts first, so he might use a 'trainer round(pokemon TCG round, as in the real game)' first, or when Empoleon acts.

    Infernape acts, Player A can use items and stuff or move this option to Empoleon.
    Hercross acts, Player B can do whatever or move it to Metagross.
    Empoleon acts, yaddah yaddah.
    Metagross acts.

    I'll make stats later, but I hope thus far the system is good.
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