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Dave Strider
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  • Fair enough, I'll help you. Just something I'd like to say you: I suck at experience systems. I happened to get some help with the experience system, so....
    But im okay with stat systems.
    The idea is that around the dark core's area(1 kilometer radius) everyone either:
    a) becomes weak.
    b) goes psycho.
    c) becomes violent.
    d) isn't affected and asks rescue teams for help.

    the fourth option will happen a lot, and the three others only to NPC's. The core is located in an underground cave, and around 5 pokemon(up to 3 pokemon controlled(active) per player) in the level range of 20 will have to face off a big boss I won't tell you about, expect the fact he/she/they is/are a dark type(duh). Later the RPers find out that several pokemon, one of each type(some of them dual types, 4 dual types and the rest one types), have decided they want to take control of the world with the help of the evolution core. Needless to say, they don't need energy to stay in final form. Anyway, each core can be found in a place that is right for it(the grass core can be found in the Turtwig cave, and so on).
    Uh....Okay, that's clear and interesting(although the idea of having no pokemon to use is lame). But say, why did you ask just me to help you?(I mean, there are people better than me in systems and that stuff. Or.. is it possible the 'TEC' systems impressed you? I doubt that they did though.)

    In other news: I think I will re-create the 'TEC' Rp and call it 'TEC- The Dark Core'. The reason I added 'the dark core' is that the evolution core is made of 17 cores, each for one type, and that the RPers have to find each part of the core and bring it back, the first being the dark core and the last being the dragon core for obvious reasons(acctualy poison should come first but it will be the third type should it be reached(at all)))
    Hi! Uh, fi yuo wonder why I haven't been posting in the TEC RP, it's because I think I'll quit it- it won't pay off with only one RPer, after all.
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