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  • well, eh, p sure there were non-continuity-snarl things even in early 201 decade. ... my fandoms, eh? uh things I amuse with include atla, madomagi, pokespe, railgun (... just railgun)? also doing these sorts of things. also I waste a whole bunch of time wasting time. uh mimi probably can think of other things I waste time on and spit out.

    cradily! ... you know what, cradily can substitute for an interjectional expression of dismay, concern, worry; strongly suggesting disapproval -- wait, what, interjective isn't a word, ew, what, english, no stop what are you doing.
    ... doesn't that make continuity kind of a hard thing to have? must be hard learning about the universe when it doesn't remain constant.

    but but but "oh dear" is my thing. is my thing! >||| should I :DDD or >||| at this I am never quite sure

    but that is the best kind of friend! right! ... also yes I stalk everyone vaguely of interest and that category includes "people who seem to share at least four interests with me, or people who share at least seven interests with people people definitely of interest" seemingly. in this case, blame mimi. although, in this case, I am, most certainly, definitely, absolutely.
    even if you abuse your amazing retcon powers on the universe, your most obsessive fangirl will still remember it wasn't always so. that is what madoka teaches us.

    well that is the end of the previous universe. the new universe runs on lesbian subtext. because there ... can't be text. because unexist madoka, eh?
    yes, the show runs on subtext, lesbian and otherwise, though lesbian subtext is a large portion of the subtext. and then, afterwards, the universe is running on subtext, mainly lesbian. ... homu breaks into text a few times, though; kyouko ... doesn't a bad job of putting it into text and most of kyouko's character development is the subtext and sayaka just. doesn't. get. it. is the point, suppose.
    22 Aug 12, 06:03 PM en: the world runs on lesbian subtext
    22 Aug 12, 06:03 PM en: that's what hope means

    out-of-context quotes are always great right
    Haha, you have no idea how happy it makes me that there's at least one person out there other than me who cares. :D
    I was going to respond with a GIF of Junko high-fiving Madoka, but one doesn't seem to exist yet. Either that, or I'm too lazy to find one.

    Of course you can. :D
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