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  • Eeeeee oh my gods that's seriously amazing this is the best flash ever what ;w;
    I hadn't even noticed that, seriously that's... Fweeee~ Sigh~ Brings good feeling about my own love.. even though it's a different issue and I'm beyond a dreamer xD;;;
    And aaaaah I didn't know they had any name I thought they were just a pack of street kids xD;
    Aaaaah the first thing I said when 5 finished was I HAVE TO WATCH THAT AGAAAAIN ;w;
    Aah and those greaser/brawler/biker bunnies were just so adorable.. ;w; When they ended up being such strong allies and.. eeeek~ <3 I don't know about you but that part just went deep for me - going from beating up poor Nabi to one of his biggest allies and supporters~
    Eeeee~ xwx *Collapse*
    So I've been lurking aaaall night hooray sleep patterns and came across "There She Is!!" on the entertainment forum. Aaaaaaaaah my gods it was the best thing I've watch in like... ever. Eeee I have to thank you for posting that even if it was like a long time ago and I'm megalate. Just so adorable <3 Act 4 had me crying though like you wouldn't believe. Ah this world and how I can relate~ x.x But 3 and 5 I was just so emotional.
    ..Ack I've rambled. xD'''
    I will~ I think I'll save them as Word documents and read them the next time my internet dies (which will be sooner rather than later, I can tell).

    Oh wow; that's so cool! I didn't know they'd recorded the last show~ I've gotta get my hands on that. ...although if it's only available in the US, it'll be region-locked and won't play on my DVD player... in which case I'll have to find it illegally. Bleh.

    You know what they should've done a recorded-DVD of? Kristin Chenoweth's final Wicked performance. I've seen a few clips of it on Youtube and it's so, so great. That version of For Good makes me want to cry so badly ):
    Sure, they won't make a DVD of Wicked (be it a film-version or a recording of the show) until the number of people going to see Wicked drops, which I don't think will be for a long while. Personally, I think they should do two Wicked films; one of the book (which would probably end up being R-rated), and one of the musical, which would have the world's most massive budget. It'd be gooood. :)

    Haha, I would very, very much join you with the singing; I'm not so great either, so we'd match :D

    Aaah, silly internets. I don't think you'll have much luck on youtube; they're really, really strict with all things Buffy, I've noticed. I can't even find clips from the musical episode on there, which makes me sad. You might have some luck on googlevideos; I think Hulu has some episodes uploaded, but they don't work outside the US. Bleh, copyright laws.
    Aww, thanks for the encouragement; I appreciate it muchly :3
    The last one was awful, but I'm past caring because they're OVER now, which means I'm freeeeee and have the whole summer to do pretty much nothing. Whoo! And thanks a lot for the fic-links, too; I'll enjoy them later.

    You've got a video of Rent on stage? Oh, awesome! I've only seen the DVD version, clips of performances on youtube and I have the Broadway OST. I reeeeeally want to see it on stage, but it's not on in London anymore, and they're not touring at the moment over here. I'm sure they will at some point, but I want to see it now, dammit!

    Haha, I'm glad someone feels my pain with the inappropriate-computer-shuffle-function. XD

    The only thing better than brilliant musicals is brilliant musicals being crossed over with each other X3 The Kate Monster Popular is so, so fantastic <3
    (I also think the Cast of Ave Q should do a version of Rent (as in, the song) and Elphaba and Glinda should do a version of If You Were Gay but maybe that’s just me)
    xD;; Eee.. I was kidding around. (*Gets yelled at again*) ((Unless ofcourse you want to mock me. You're free to- *Shot* ))
    I'm pretty much helpless though myself.. yeah, haha.. How I manage to lose my watch while it's strapped to my arm, for instance. (And I mean it disappears off my wrist by that.) I've avoided getting the glasses I kind of need because I KNOW what's going to happen. And vitamins and meds.. eeeeee. xD;;;; I'm lucky I started the HRT, it MAKES me remember by default. And it was bad when I missed, which was often, because off the Zoloft I take I go bonkers~
    Terrible habit though, is bypassing the easiest steps and going right into thinking everything is botched and digging into the inner workings right behind the switch I'm meant to flip. It just feels stupider this time because I made a forum thread which I usually don't do at all, but panicked.. xD;
    Eeeee... Well guess how much of an idiot I am.. x-x
    Start -> Programs -> Wacom Tablet -> Wacom Tablet Settings -> Force Screen Ratio checkbox. (Cuts off the bottom of the pad from affecting the screen so it's a psuedo-widescreen pad.)
    Just when I think I'm not a total git I'm proven a total git~ Let's try every answer but the simplest, heeeee~ Now to hope noone spots and revives that thread and my shame can be hidden.. xD;;;
    Thanks for trying to help though. I'm obviously totally helpless.. xD;; You may mock me if you wish. And you probably should, how else will I learn~
    Aaaah oh deeeears I thought I was the only one who did that xD;;;;; Hooray, Creepers unite!~
    And erk.. Yeah it's habitual that, been hard to have any sort of self confidence among everything, people yell at me for it lots eep. >_< Hard habit to break - I mean I'm just such an easy target- *Hit over the head with a brick*
    Eeee, and thanks, too~ ^^
    Hehe, well it's always a start to not immediately scare someone away~ (Or having them watching closely from the relative bushes. xD; "Intriguing" )
    And eeep.. No worries. Trust me I'm exactly the same. x-x This is why I read tons of Coughing Cupboard threads, but never respond to them. Instead I sort of just silently muse and eeeeee I'm so useless.
    ...Aaaah awkward socialness and stuff and I probably sound creepy or summat but do you mind if I friend you? ^^;; It's really nice talking to you, and it's about time I actually spoke to people somewhat proactively. (My list is rather deceiving as only two people still post here and the rest were friends I dragged over but eventually left D: )
    Ooh, that sounds cool, actually, except I'm gonna be super-busy the next few days while I finish my last two exams (I've got one tomorrow morning that I should be studying for now, and then my last one's on Wednesday and I'm absolutely terrified of it), and then after that I can read fic to my heart's content :D

    Yeah, I've seen the board-thingy for WiiFit and it looks really cute :3 I'm determined to do more exercise over the summer, but I don't think I can afford to join the gym (especially at their monthly fee) and there aren't many good places to go running near where I live, so I'm very much considering getting it.

    Rent? Porn? What the heck? It's only rated 12 (I guess that's PG-13 for you?) O.o
    Hah, you should make him watch the original stage version with the song Contact in - it's definitely way closer to pornography than anything the musical comes close to (you can listen to it here - I don't advise that you listen to it either without headphones or with other people in the room, mind). For some reason, when I put everything on Window's Media Player on random, it likes to play either that or You Can Be As Loud As The Hell You Want from Avenue Q when someone comes into my room. I don't think my computer likes me very much :3

    Haha, I love that version of If You Were Gay, it's so, so brilliant X3 I think I was nearly crying with laughter the first time I watched it~

    Ooh, this should work, if you've got the time and don't mind me inflicting things on you :3 (now I've got to resist the urge to watch it and instead go back to Social Policy revision DX)
    Hehehe, you kidding? Have you seen the way I type? Claiming comprehension difficulties would seem highly hypocritical. |3
    And thank you ^^ Eeeee... I just wish I could be more excited. 19 is like the most useless age number though~ And nothing exciting is happening at all to match. Ah at least by 20 I'll be out of the US though. I already disassociate ever being, though, and just say I'm already from the UK~ -w- Accident of birth all around~ Heeeee~
    (Sorry.. I've just ranted a bit too much haven't I? xD;; I need to stop doing that. It's usually best to just stop reading after my first sentence~)
    (I didn't have anything else to add to the DOMA bill thread so didn't want to post in there, but) If you actually wanted to quote me.. go ahead xD; I've no copyrights on my text, unlike the WMG on their radio wave fluctuations~ (Eeer.... Sorry, [/lame] )
    ToS crack!fic sounds absolutely fantastic, actually. Hee!

    Well, I've seen it really cheaply, and I like getting a game at the start of summer and seeing if I can complete it by the end (of couse, I'm lazy, so I normally don't), and if it's a platformer, it sounds really good; I quite like platformers. Most Wii games I have are only any fun in multiplayer. Is WiiFit good? I want it, but it's so damn expensive D:

    It sucks that your friend doesn't like Rent. I showed it to a friend of mine who initially disliked it, but then he downloaded the OST on his iPod and now we watch it all the time. And one of my sister's friends said how he hated everyone who was gay and/or took drugs (ie. everyone but Mark) and then decided he didn't like Mark because he was Jewish O.o Some people are really strange. But pretty much everyone I've shown it to has absolutely adored it.

    I couldn't recommend Buffy enough :D It's so funny and awesome and brilliant; if you do watch it, though, I wouldn't start in Series 1 because the first bunch of episodes aren't that great. If you have a handy finding-tv-episodes-online-site (I'd link you to the one I normally use, but at the moment it keeps trying to download viruses onto my computer, so yeah), have a look for the Season 3 episode Doppelgangland (failing that, the Series 4 ep Hush). It's the best thing ever.

    Well, my exams aren't too bad. My first year doesn't count at all towards my final grade, and I only need 40% to pass, which I *should* get (I'll be so gutted if I don't). Still, any exams are stressful, and I'm looking forward to going home and things.

    I think, in the scheme of things, For Now is a pretty good song to get stuck in your head. Not as good as, say, Schadenfreude or If You Were Gay but still pretty damn cool :)
    Aaaah, fangirling; my absolute favourite pasttime :D
    I love revisiting my past fandoms, especially when I get the "this is SO awesome!" nostalgia; it's so, so great. I should go and reread some of my old favourite Final Fantasy fics or something :)
    I've never played NiGHTS (it's that Wii game with the pink-purple thing, right?), but I've seen it preowned in game shops really cheaply; should I get it? I haven't bought a new Wii game in absolutely ages... I mostly use it for Super Smash Bros and Tales of Symphonia.
    Rent's always good, yeah. It's by far the movie I've watched the most, ever; I've seen it with pretty much everyone I know (often multiple times), and I often just put it on in the background when I have people over; you know when you have people over for a movie night and you eventually reach the point where people pretty much stop paying attention to what's playing? I put Rent on then, because it's awesome background music and everyone's seen it, so it doesn't matter that they're missing bits :D

    I've been hopelessly addicted to Buffy the Vampire Slayer recently. I kind of missed the boat by nearly ten years, but I'm making up for lost time by watching it obsessively. I love Willow <3
    Other than that, it's mostly exam revision and exam-taking, which is a lot less fun. But I finish in two weeks and then get a super-long summer, which should be fantastic :3
    Aww; thank you! <3 You know what, though? You are too.
    You know what else? We should talk more. What've you been up to lately?
    I would like it.

    And I wouldn't mind the suckiness. I can barely draw a circle myself. XP
    Have you considered devamping DP sprites to 3rd generation sprites? Maybe you like the poses more, but there are Pokemon that you'll never use.
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