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  • :D I'm not mad. Dun worry it's k.


    I'm wonderful. I met this really OSSOM girl called Typh and sheez cool n' stuff :3

    How are JOO?
    ...Really? I thoguht it was just really odd. It just... happened during a conversation with Zim Del Invasor.

    Is it really that funny...?
    Guh, I'm totally with you on the sucky computers thing. My internet's been completely hit-and-miss the last few days and it's driving me up the bloody wall )<

    Yes; rainbow walls would be a must. Actually, the student acommodation block I lived in last year was designed by a prison architect and you could really well; everything was painted off-white and had little-to-no actual sunlight and the whole place was actually pretty gloomy. I spent my whole time there wanting to paint the walls a while mess of bright colours to cheer the place up (I settled for plastering my walls in posters, which worked well enough).

    Prison toilets are gross. I've only been to one prison (quite obviously not as an inmate XD) and it scared the hell out of me (the special isolation areas for prisoners who moleted children and things and needed to be protected from other inmates scared me the most), but I think the addition of rainbows would liven the place up immensely.
    That's what it looks like now, for example.

    Oh yes, lasagne and lasagna are the same thing; it's one of those US/UK things. It's pronounced the same, either way XD
    Hehe, I love Garfield. I used to be obsessed with comic book strips (I still have hundreds of strips of Peanuts; I cut them out of the newspaper every day for about three years) and Garfield's still one of my favourites.

    Okay, your totally crazy Osaka spiel made me giggle far, far too much XD

    Hehe, me neither. My food tech teacher back in school used to delight in telling me what a hopeless case I was (I especially remember her telling me this as I was trying to get golden syrup out of my hair). Good times.
    Yessss. And everyone could vent their rage by playing SSBB and stuff! Best. Prison. Ever. :D

    Hehe, it's an easy mistake to make. I always agonize over whether to get vegetable lasgane, (which is cheaper, better for me but not as tasty) or vegetarian lasagne (which is the same as normal lasagne only with Quorn mince instead of beef and is way more tasty than the vegetable version) and nobody else gets the difference XD

    I'll be waiting on that spicy-cake recipie. Though I warn you, even if you perfect it, I'm bound to screw it up by doing something crazy to it XD
    The not wearing rainbows in prison is presicely what's wrong with the penal system )<

    Well, I meant veggie in the "non-meaty" rather than "containing vegetables" sense of the word; while at uni I actually don't eat much veg at all because I don't really have a way to cook it. I eat lots of canned fruit, though :D
    Haha, the spicy-cake skit amuses me no end, partly because it's so perfectly Raine-ish, but also because it sounds like something I'd do. I can't resist changing sets of instructions, because if you follow them to the letter, you know what's gonna come out and that's nowhere near as fun. I always pitied whoever got stuck with me in chemistry class because I'd always mess up the practical experiments XD
    Nah, I totally deserve to be laughed at. My housemate is hoping I get a ton of early lectures next year so she can come into my room at 7am and wake me up so I'll be there on time. I plan on killing her in her sleep :D

    Heh, I was practically living off mac and cheese last year; our teeny-tiny kitchen only had a microwave in terms of cooking implements and my local supermarket reeeeally didn't have a big selection of microwavable veggie-food X3 Luckily, our house'll have an oven and such, so I can try my hand at (and ruin entirely) a considerably larger selection of meals this coming year XD
    It's lovely to hear that someone has as little skill in the kitchen as I do :3
    Your school starts at 7:45? That's crazy. And now I feel bad for sleeping through my 10am lecture pretty much every week last year XD
    I hope so much that I don't have any early lectures/seminars next term. I used to sometimes accidentally sleep through my midday sociology seminar, and that was when I lived about two minutes away from where I was supposed to be; this year I'll be an hour+ walk away XD

    And yay for breakfast. Best meal of the day. So good that when I'm not living at home, I'll often have it for all three meals (mostly because cereal and toast are the only things I can reliably make for myself).
    Doing nothing (by which I mean sleeping, eating cereal occasionally, watching Buffy DVDs and reading inhuman amounts of fanfiction) is the absolute best. :D

    Glad your summer's good, but 6am?! Why'd you have to get up that early? That'd absolutely kill me XD
    I am! (you can blame Kai for that)

    I'm very well, thank you; I'm enjoying my stupidly long break from uni and celebrating the Great British summer by spending most days lying around doing sod all. It's great fun :D

    Your summer going well, or are you back at schoool already?
    Ooh! Thanks much! <3 I appreciate it.
    When I get to liking a Japanese song I don't feel like I really can or should unless I know what it means, too. >.o It was eating at me.
    mind if i use this as a quote?

    Though there are probably other things I need to take considering my mind goes like *~woo~* every so often~
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