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  • ..omgish ;w; I'll have you know that was absolutely adorable <3 *glomp!* aaaaa~ x3
    Thank yooooou~ :3 aaamagosh I can't believe people are even noticing ;w; I usually let these slip by completely unnoticed. (...I forgot it myself, yesterday and the start of today. Go me!)
    20 totally doesn't feel right though. ;w; but meh more like 12 at heart so!
    When you learn about vaginas and you're a ten-year-old boy, you get freaked out by lady talk ; ;
    Also i was reading though Minkow's threads (our of boredom mind you D:<) and found this.

    ...It's actually just as cute as it sounds. :'3
    And aaw :'3 Thank you. But hnn.. don't worry about anything like the money issues. >: I don't like thinking about donations or anything of the sort - you need the money just as much as me or anyone does, especially nowadays, I'll work it out.
    ...I also need to add French to the list of languages I want to learn. That makes Dutch, Russian, Japanese, Spanish and French. hnn maybe I should throw in Arabic Latin Korean and Chinese so I know every alphabet ever. I: (And whatever else I'm missing.) But at least I'll make a bitchin' translator if my head doesn't cave in!~

    And ugh, I'm so sorry to hear that. >: What do they call them.. Fair-weather friends? Something similar. People can just be... awful. I'm not so sure how you feel at this point but as far as I'm concerned they're no friends of yours. I know what it's like to pass out like that, too, and it's... well.. yeah.. fun.
    ...Next time you should nick -her- lunch. <w<
    ...But, at least other things are going well. Personally my sleep patterns have gotten even worse and so that sounds like an accomplishment to me. :'D And actually knowing -when- you'll be seeing your boyfriend is also a plus. :3
    ohgeez YES- what happened talking is good why haven't we been talking >:
    ...Well my times in meatspace can best be described by: Job Market. -w- hnnn... yeah, still stuck here. My area is botched for work so it's just kind of.. stagnate. Thanks again, accident of birth!
    ...Okay but enough of my complaining gee it sure is swell how I can rattle this crap off like this hnggg ;w; things are still sort of stuck here, but I've actually been rather good, things considered. You know Full Metal Cookies? We're, well.. together now. :3 Since a bit before valentine's actually. Needless to say I've had a certain.. squee-ness about me despite it all. Also seems my first destination when I -can- leave is now Canada.. which is decidedly easier anyway so.
    ...But anyway.. Same questions to you! o: Uh.. except the America bit that probably doesn't apply but yeah~ :3
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