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  • They sure do. I always make sure that everyone in the vicinity of where I use one of those (other than the ones against whom I'm using it, who either already hate my empire or will because I'm waging war on them anyway and who won't get to hate my empire for long) is so fond of my empire that breaking the galactic code doesn't lower their relationship with it enough to put them below the yellow.
    Ah, cool. ^^ It was with warriors that I hit omnipotent status for the first time, too. However, it was with shamans that I got 42.

    Shamans have one of my favorite abilities, though it's not my absolute favorite archetype-specific ability, and the shaman archetype isn't my absolute favorite archetype, either, yet I've done more with the shamans than with any of the other species I've done space stage with for some reason--I used them to get several of the space stage achievements.
    Yep. In my case, same username but with no space or anything else between the first part and the second part. I think I successfully found your page on there; if I did, I've added you to my buddy list there.
    Yep, several times. ^^ I'm currently working on getting the Alter Ego's Alter Ego achievement--I still need to hit Omnipotent status with my knights and my traders to get that.

    Have you got a profile page on the Spore website, perchance?
    Well, no, I have really never sprited anyone else's fakemon. I'm working on my own region, which I shall release once I sprite at least 30 fakemon. So yeah, I don't really have time to sprite for other people (hence no shop). Sorry though!
    It was made by someone I forgot which really doesn't help either of us. Sorry.
    Wow, I just read your ideas for the Pokémon Animal Crossing thing. they're pretty good! I'd buy that game~
    My Dad. =P

    It was when we were playing Mario Kart Wii and Mom was playing as Toad. As soon as she was going up one of those ramps, someone used a Lightning Bolt which struck her down. Dad then said, "You shouldn't fly your mushrooms in a storm!" End of story.

    Yes, my parents are nutty.
    Thank you for the good wishes, and sorry for the belated reply; it's been a helluva month. Present giving has always been a painful experience for my family, in that only my mother buys the separately. All the other cards read 'happy birthday, merry christmas!'. But I digress. Thanks a lot =)
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