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  • oh yeah i haven't caught any pokemon besides my team and nebby so nebby had the honor of being the first one in poke pelago lol

    i had someone evolve crabominable while i was doing aether paradise which helped immensely lol

    awh man, drampa is adorable. i hated it at first but it's really grown on me

    grimsley was AWESOME and i'm so glad looker plays such a big part too! anabel kicked my ass so i have to train before i can start the UB thing LOL

    nanu is amazing, i'm so glad he exists lol
    you think you could evolve cosmog once i get it so i can have both nebby's?

    oh yeah i beat the game today! wow what a ride. i can't believe you can PET your pokemon! they survive hits and give you love and all that and it's so cute, like holy shit i've never felt so close to my pokemon before.

    i ended up with:
    Spirit the female Decidueye
    Purple Haze the male Gengar
    Guinness the male Dugtrio (those luscious locks)
    Rhinegeist the female Crabrawler
    Spare Rib the male Marowak
    Corona the female Palossand

    holy fuck, when you become champion and all those characters are at the party congratulating you and everyone you've known in this journey is cheering you on, jesus. add that to how much you get attached to lillie and nebby and how nebby gets all strong and shit to protect everybody and how you like, bond with your pokemon and junk, it's amazing. i've never felt this close to a pokemon game before, it's insane. and at the end of the credits, that picture with lillie and nebby and the short text and ;_________; i'm not crying you're crying
    okay well i finally bought a ds and sun uhh two days ago? my team so far:

    dartrix the dartrix (i need name ideas lol)
    c the gastly
    whiak the diglett
    its ok havent found it yet but yanno just gives me time to hope su/mo goes on discount lol
    oh great hidden power is even more confusing now lol

    i can't wait to play but i'll be on vacation starting the day it comes out AND i can't find my 3ds lol
    you know what i bet it is?

    so there's the two universes as of x and y, right? mega evo's and non-mega timeline apparently

    RBGY/RSE -> GSC/DPPt -> BW(2), the non-mega timeline, while XYORAS and SM are the mega timeline, right? so maybe anabel and the UB's are from the non-mega timeline and they're just normal pokemon in the non-mega timeline. there's like canon statements about how pokemon are mysterious creatures who all share one genetic pattern, which is backed up by mew, but maybe the genetic pattern is different between universes, which is why pokeballs don't recognize the UB's, but why pokemon of that universe CAN mega evolve??

    yeah me too, giratina is amazing and i remember the mystery of randomly finding him in diamond and pearl back in the day lol

    i still need to play saints row sometime! it looks really good

    did you watch the new pokemon generations?
    well people can hate spacedick all they want, it's my favorite

    i could never get into it lol. now grand theft auto, there's a game i could play forever
    palkia is fucking awesome, i don't understand how people hate it! it's a fuckin armored dinosaur angel that can fuck up reality
    i hated reshiram and its weird crotch fluff at first but it's really grown on me. zekrom is still really cool though

    alolan persian is HILARIOUS
    also, i hate primarina's weird pearls and starfish. organic accessories throw me off, like with throh, sawk and the machop line
    it's just so cool aaah

    i like primarina but MAN i really hate that popplio looks like it should end up as samurott. i dunno where the hell oshawott would end up at that point, but whatever lol

    i'm also still pissed about the gen 5 starter typings in general. should've been fire/dark, water/fighting and i guess grass/dragon but whatever

    it's funny, of the leaked starter evos i liked bigowl the least and wrestlercat the most but now i think that's completely switched. being ghost just completely made it do a 180 , not even that i dislike the cat now but ghost archer owl just completely won me over
    ooh that sounds fun. i keep meaning to get a hobby, maybe i'll start boxing again

    sooo the big ol owl fella is ghost type, and now it's looking like at least half my team is gonna be ghosts. bigowl, marowak, palossand... probably dugtrio too but he's not a ghost
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