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  • Ah, cool! It's nice to see some love for this game. I think Telltale really outdid themselves on that Bloody Mary fight at the end; it was pretty intense.

    I watched some videos of glitches... some of them are definitely weird! I lucked out for once and didn't get any, except a bit of lag every so often.
    Uhhhh I can't believe you got a 5 IV flawless shiny Scyther after I spent like two weeks trying to breed one and gave up >_>
    I'm online most of the time (Despite how little I see to be on here...) so anytime is good for me really.

    And are you sure you don't want anything special? I'm a half-decent breeder. x3 (Worded poorly but too funny to change it~)
    Ah yes. Yes yes yes. x3 I'm sorry. I haven't been on here that much lately. I have you added though.
    You live in like the UK or something right? that's a small ass country, you'll get it |D </American>
    I thought I heard recently the Homepass stuff was fixed? I dunno though, I haven't looked into it very much
    I got mine from an anime convention I attended where everyone and their mother brought a 3DS and a lot of them brought Pokémon. Such places are the best for that kind of thing.
    I don't really do that much battling, and the people I do battle are mostly my friends who are kinda tired of losing to me and already know my team well enough by now.

    PsychoMantis (Scizor), Metamessiah (Metagross), and Eridan (Vaporeon), which are shiny, are all regulars on my team, and most of the other Pokemon I use - Garchomp, Togekiss, Chansey - don't really have interesting shiny colors. Shiny Ferrothorn might be cool, but I don't know where I'd get a 31/31/31/31/31/0 Ditto. I like shiny Porygon-Z, but I've never really used a Porygon-Z on my team.
    Remember when I bred 1500 eggs and didn't get the shiny scyther I wanted? Well, I looked at the first one I had, and although it was missing sp. def, it's IVs in sp. def were either 28 or 29. That's... actually pretty damn good.
    Oh okay. Yeah when I get around to starting this I'll delete everyone I don't have registered for the medal lol
    Sounds reasonable! And since they're already online you're obviously gonna get that part of it.
    Do you know, though, if it's possible to register friends when your list is full from the PSS? Or do you have to specifically delete friends outside of the PSS before trying to register more?
    Oh, excellent! Thank you so much for the idea! I'll make a point to sit around doing nothing but battling random people over winter break :V (But it does help I know a lot of people I can bug if I start having trouble... which I shouldn't.)
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