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  • i have NO IDEA which one to get, i might wait a day or two so i know exclusives, lol

    i'm hoping there's more mons or something, i find it weirdly suspicious they scrubbed ribbons and moves and names but not the sprites of all things
    yeah dragons and ghosts are definitely my favorite type, lol

    god yeah i love the weirder UB's, but i'm not sure they mesh super well with the mosquito and cockroach. very lovecraftian tho, definitely enjoyable. the guzma one is creepy as shit though. it feels like it should have a face

    i'm SUPER curious about what the hell the UB's actually are. i love weird monsters like this

    the rest of the pokedex looks super disappointing though, which sucks. kinda iffy on whether i want to get the games on launch now
    i love all the rumored starter evos, what else is new lol. grass is my least favorite though, something about a starter also being a bird feels weird yanno? plus it just looks like a big ol owl, whoopdy do, nothin fancy about it i feel. also popplio really feels like it should've turned into samurott but that's mostly samurott's fault for sorta coming out of nowhere

    turtonator is AWESOME, he's our first non legendary/non mega dragon/fire type too which is hilarious for some reason

    i've spent a while making a few team ideas but it's hard as shit to make evenly matched teams trying to take into account base stat totals and weaknesses and all that. i have 6 guys with bst's of 600 so one can go on each team, but ugh, YOU WANNA SEE?
    now it's double weak to fighting! and also hilarious.

    but let's talk about acid trip muk, who's perfect. jesus.

    i'm so excited for pokemon again, lol. i'm gonna have hard time deciding on a 'perfect team' of six with there being SEVEN generations now
    mudsdale isn't my favorite, but i'm glad we're getting more horses. i don't like how it gets stuck with the anime eyes though
    i have no idea! it depends on the exclusives honestly. i just know i'm gonna use the crap out of the sandcastle
    Blame Sangfrodish for constantly spamming me!

    I think I got pretty lucky with the confusion there :P
    i plan on it. hopefully sun and moon come out soon, i'm actually excited for a pokemon game again
    pretty good, i joined the military, i go to boot camp in january lol. i graduated high school a few months ago, i've mostly been bumming around and just drifting since then
    hholy shit hey sister, what's up? do you have kik or anything? would love to catch up w you
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