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Erindor the Espeon

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  • Crample-o stow wha clamminuh whaow. My new album drop next sursdai. Ya'll biscuitheads.
    (Fwee! :3)
    That's it?
    That's better!
    O hai again! Garbage disposal, what a way to go, garbage disposal, meet So and So!! Twilight just broke the laws of physics. >> I'll stop leaving annoying visitor messages now, promise. xD
    Do it! I dare you to make that RP right now! :D Twilight's counting on you! xD
    Twilight: Whoa, we're free! Wait a minute... suppose we were to make our own RP about escaping from our users and such and live there? And maybe invite other frustrated characters that wanted to run away too?! Hehe, Okay, now I sound crazy.
    Twilight: Same here! Out loud! Yeah.. lets-

    Hey, don't go! You're the only sane side to my personality!

    Twilight: runawaycomeonletgopleasedon'tleavemewiththisfreak!!
    Twilight has sanity disease. She's my only sane, logical, calm character. she must perish.
    Twilight: uh.. Erindor? I propose we take this opportunity to run away. Very fast.
    Ahaha! But, as a figment of my imagination, you can't escape me! MWAHAHA!
    Twilight: The poor girl's finally cracked.. Wait, by talking to me, then, is she talking to herself? Again?
    Or else Twilight bites off a wing or two and gives him rabies!
    Twilight: I would do no such thing!
    She lies! Those.. those are the EYES OF A KILLER!!
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