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  • oh wow

    um I'm not sure how I'll ask this girl out (I like her a lot, I don't think I really stopepd after she rejected me)
    I mean we're being much friendlier now than we've been previously, but there's still the fact that she said no. I have a female friend on good terms with her, so she can find stuff out and give me the green light, but I still have no clue how or when to do it.
    wow oh my God

    honestly I remember I was so scared when I tried asking her out earlier. she smiled a bit and I was like yes but then I was like nooo

    I think being direct like that was the best thing you could've done. If he's anything like me, he needed a huge signal just to go ahead with his plans. You gave him the window he needed.
    two friends of mine are going to see it because of their senior trip. I cried.

    yeah, these two particular friends are girls and have a very good eye for reading conversations and social whatevers (things I lack), so I rely heavily on their input.

    I was just thinking about that today, actually, when I'll ask her out. Last time, I did it on Valentine's Day, and I got really bad, so my friends are hesitant for me to try again.

    that's so meta
    parody of a parody
    i probably am just
    this was the same crush that rejected me, but she got really hurt by her ex (the guy she turned me down for). Then she made some comments and I'm like ??? are you interested or not??? and now i'm really worried with doing things right because I might actually have a chance

    i'm not throwing away my shot at this, dammit
    They are! And King George gives negative shits, probably, because he's laughing his ass of on his throne seeing the colonists squirm.
    King George is the least important character plotwise, but he is the showstopping-est guy in the whole show. He's the hammiest (pun completely intended) of all the characters.

    if you have twitter, go to lin manuel's page, scroll down until you see a video of king George, and watch it
    Libraries are no help at all for contemporary plays :( contemporary currently means published after 1980, and most of the monologue books at the library were published before 1990. I found enough for what I need but really I just need to buy and read a ton of plays

    Do you have a branch of Theta Alpha Phi where you go to school?
    Right now I'm a BA but I'm planning on jumping into BFA once I get a little more situated! Also I'm pretty sure my GPA isn't high enough for it so I need to bump that up as well. I'm in my fourth year of school though so yeah I can just pile 'em on, I only have one not-theater-related class and even that's just a glorified Philosophy course

    Everyone's been so great honestly I think I just had the delinquent-high-school crowd in, well, high school, and it really hurt my thespian esteem. Everyone's really surprised that I'm not a freshman or a transfer student, I really should have done this years ago

    A question of my own: can you recommend any contemporary male monologues? It's the hardest thing to find and I'm tapping all my resource veins
    And i ment your username. I'm not sure you have your actual name in your profile? I like flowers, tho x3
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