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  • ...Why would he even try that under any circumstances. Like, can you really be that desperate for cereal.
    Well from the sounds of it, it seems as though it's more likely someone has bewitched him! People like him just need to be nicer. Heck, even I need to be nicer. But he needs to be a lot nicer XD You're pretty darn nice from what I can tell, so I don't know where you stand on that.
    Well it sounds good that you got out of it! I say don't worry about him, just enjoy that you're rid at him and maybe even stare back XD There's this girl that hates my friend and as she was walking by the other day she gave him the dirtiest look I have ever seen. He didn't see it so I was telling him about it, but she walked by again and I think she heard me because she did it again but at me D: Sorry that was random, just a fun little anecdote for you XD And rambling is fine :)
    Don't be ridiculous, you are way cooler than me XD So how have you been? What have you been up to lately?
    The only thing I'm worried about is not having time for a job because of productions! I'm already having so much fun in my acting class, and I spent all of last summer teaching nine week-long drama classes on the beach and writing five-minute skits and it changed my life

    It's also probably just the creative spark I need to start writing again ~~ I'm changing it as soon as I get some breathing time
    I was trying to say maybe you shouldn't have been so judgemental and assuming everything he did was just him trolling.
    I'm not blaming you at all, I'm saying that maybe things could've turned out differently. It doesn't excuse his behavior at all, but like you said it IS possible that his actions were influenced by what was happening with him.
    I've looked through all of FlygonTheGreat's posts, he seemed like a pretty chill and normal guy up until the point he started mentioning certain issues involving his real life. From that point on he began to get more and more aggressive and hostile towards everyone leading up to his eventual ban. He did seem to have some sense of remorse for his actions, however.

    True he could've handled everything differently, but maybe you guys shouldn't have been so hard on him. A person can only take so much until they "snap" so to speak.
    Ah, good call. Good luck with that, then! Hopefully it won't get any messier than it already is.
    Maybe if you just take no action, he'll cut it out? People are incredibly dumb, aren't they.
    ...Is this guy really even worth the trouble. I feel like if you're just super bold and assertive about not dealing with you, it can't go too terribly.
    Why is he... on your stuff. Can't you just kick him out, anyway? It's your dorm. And can't you just tell your roommate that you're not ready, or something.
    ...Why is this guy such an ass. You said you can't really just walk out on him, either?
    So basically, he threw everything out the window?

    It's... kind of super shitty that he's biphobic in general, and even shittier that despite being biphobic and presumably knowing you're bi, he lead you on anyway.
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