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  • Hey, remember that Darkrai egg from Fish Jumpers? ...Please put that in your signature.
    I noticed you posted in the Pokemon Registration Office. You no longer need to post there to get new pokemon. In fact, the Pidgey is already in your PC.
    Do you mean that if a Pokemon does a total of 25% worth of Water-type damage into the space for the pond that then there will be a pond? Like if they use a fifteen percent damage Water-type attack and then a ten percent one will the pond be full?

    Also do you mean that there are enough watering cans only to make the pond half-full, or that there are plenty, but that that's how many you can use in one action?
    Hi! I picked up your battle and I was wondering if you could go into more detail about the pond and the watering cans? Is the pond already there, or would a Pokemon pour water into somewhere to make the pond? Also how big would it be and did you have an idea of how long (how many actions) it would take to make a pond? (or I could just make it up! But that might not be what you want.)
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