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  • ! do I shuffle the targets of all night actions. and right!

    The younger cousins? Not at all. :p I only hung out with older cousin.

    Maybe! But then wouldn't giving you the original be less worth it!
    ! Eifhost? Eifloon :3 I hadn't! But it was gross because I ate some of it and put the rest in a bag to take home and then idk it got too warm or too cold or something.

    Maybe not! I still feel mean, though.

    I will!

    Every added exclamation mark conveys a specific level of emotion! Sixty-four exclamation marks means: overexcitement :o

    ! *badges!*

    That's great! :D And we can Nuzzlelocke with a DS game sometime! And I get to breed more Evoli eggs!! :D
    Maybe! Oh well, I didn't die, so it's all good, right :D I thought the food wouldn't be gross and that I should eat and I didn't really feel like eating pizza!

    I guess! They have no one else to entertain them, though!

    I went to bed around four and woke up at I think a quarter to eight and felt terrible, oops. I thought I'd get up then but I ended up falling asleep again until my mom came in to nag me about not having gotten up yet. >:(

    Happy birthday!! :D I'll try to write you a better birthday message when I have time to read and answer your thing!
    I'd just thrown on a random shirt underneath and zipped it up and I didn't like the shirt much so I kept the sweater on, so, yeah, my fault. And there wasn't much choice of food.

    It does, although if she's gone younger cousin and youngest cousin might expect me to entertain them, I guess, but I'll have a bit more time to be an unfriendly host and sit in my room.

    (it works for me sometimes; holding my breath never seems to help. did they go away?)
    It was! But it was too hot out and I'd put on a sweater earlier because it was raining and then it stopped raining. :( We just bought food! We tried to go into actual stores but we got bored and they were playing annoying music so then we just went home. And it was gross and I wasn't very hungry!

    That is super exciting maybe you should be on IRC to celebrate and answer my query before I have to leave >:(

    Not sure! Older cousin says she's leaving on the eighth or /maybe/ the ninth but probably the eighth and I think younger cousin and youngest cousin are leaving later than that.

    (!!! what is wrong with just reblogging things d-do you not like my blog ;;)

    (chew gum! or chew a spoon maybe idk if that would have the same effect.)
    I ate a tiny bit more today! None of it was very nutritious but that's okay.

    I guess I am! Today we went on a two-hour adventure to the mall instead :o (the trip there was like two hours long and we stayed for about an hour and purchased: food. also I feel bad because I threw a lot of mine away.)

    :3! Good luck today, then!

    (it is cute yes! and you should!)
    I can't! I don't really get to spend more than a couple of minutes alone during the day. Earlier today a bunch of people were out and I ate a little bit then, though. At least older cousin and I have been spending our days lying around on the couch watching Friends so I don't have to go around feeling sick or anything. Also the last episode that we just tried to watch wasn't working so we decided that 21:30 is an acceptable bedtime (well of course she's going to bed and I can be online for the next couple of hours :D) and the adults are just like "..." but oh well.

    ! Don't worry about things! :c But that's great! \o/ In twenty-four hours will ve be home!

    (>:( internet no!)
    They're being impressively obnoxious, even for them. :c Or maybe I'm just in a bad mood! Aside from the fact that I haven't been able to eat a thing it's not /that/ bad, I guess. Although we didn't do much today because everyone slept in.

    How are you!

    (! thank you! although I guess now it didn't really need to be delivered :D)
    Ki I have internet at nights because for now at least older cousin isn't staying in my room! This is great, right :D (except someone may walk in at any minute oops.)
    yes! That was the point of the badge. :D

    How are you going to get rid of it!!!
    *two-week-message badges!!*

    EDIT: oh well I guess that doesn't make it go away. oh well!
    Because I'm not sure what to say (I'm so much more used to talking to you on #tcod) I'll just ask where your avatar came from :3
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