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  • ...Oh yeah, homework. >.> Well, hopefully we might see you soon, then? :D

    Maybe I will! Hah, actually I'd probably just look around and name myself after the first random thing that catches my eye: "PencilSharpener has joined #mafia"
    Aw, you don't have winter break yet? That is sad. :( (Not that some of the games right now would really be very time-consuming, unfortunately :/)

    Maybe I should! They'd go so much faster and it wouldn't be all like GM: "you have 48 hours for night actions" me: "nooooo D:" But I'm not on IRC and I'd have to think of a non-lame nickname, which would take ages, haha.
    I was bored and went and read some old Mafia games (including that game where you killed us all :c) and I miss you and your activeness. :( Juuuust saying. :D
    Hey, Hiikaru! You're supercool for being so chirpy around the forum. :D

    (Clearly I was not the first to appreciate this!)
    Just dropping by to say that I appreciate how upbeat you are. Your posts always bring a smile to my face and fill the forum with happy. :D
    ... Who /are/ you?

    No, what are you? Because I mean you're like a hugshirt come to life.

    I was very confused when I first encountered you, but I've stopped growling under my breath and circling warily and am now apprehensively walking up to you and licking your hand. Ruff.
    Whoa, you're pretty good at this whole encouraging thing :D

    I do have some words, but it's not really that many, so I haven't really bothered to update my wordcount ^^;

    Will do...at least when I get home at 6 XD
    Ah, thank you once again for your advice and kindness! Sometimes, it's hard to think simple, especially when you're me and have all these complicated racing thoughts running through my mind. But things like this, they seem like they could be helpful, since sometimes I get so complicated that I neglect the obvious simple things.

    I'll definitely try that kids thing if I feel bad. I've had a look and it does seem kinda talking downish, but it was calming.

    I also feel better knowing that there's people like you out there. I was really starting to lose my faith in humanity, and just that anyone even cared about me at all when all these people see me falling apart and don't do anything about it, but I am really rather touched that you took the time to write this out; just to make me feel better. That does help, and I just want to let you know that I appreciate it a lot.
    wow, I didn't know that anyone EVER read that. but I will, i guess. if only for you. :P
    aaaaah sorry too distracted with play and my friend's sparkliness

    will end
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