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  • Hay Ica.

    Can you describe to me the appearance of the first three God pokemon? I wanted to do a drawing involving them, and I kinda need Earacor's anyway since I can't be bothered to dig it up. >>
    Even though Zora assassinated you, you can still CONTINUE THE FUCKING RP!!
    Oh, and Cryptica is a witness.
    *headdesk* I have the worst song to have stuck in your head stuck in my head!!!
    I may or may not have to rip out my spinal column and beat myself with it.
    ... Yeahhhhh... I didn't think that far... :P
    Maybe Mythbusters should do it.
    Pie is tasty.
    Especially if it is made of sugar and somehow from Canada without you Canadians knowing.

    To make Ashlee late for her finals, we (Dan, Nick, and I) have an amazing plan:

    Take the tires off of a SmartCar and tie it to her car's roof, so that when she drives, the wheels cut open her car's roof. And it would look hilarious. Then, we will tie her back axel to a lamppost so that when she drives a way, the back half of her car will be dragging on the ground, making sparks. To add to the torture, the SmartCar's gas tank will leak, pouring down the back of her car and igniting on the sparks. Then the SmartCar's alarm will go off and annoy the shit out of her as she PMS's down the road. We will also replace the air bag with nacho cheese, and when she is halfway to the school, we will hit her car with a baseball bat, covering her with cheese.

    I might make a picture of this...
    They'd probably just show the face of someone staring at her twitching.
    That may be interesting, but a someteen year old is gettin' it on with a 100+ vampirepedophiledude...
    XD Philly's ban avoiding 2nd accound "Lord John Stall" got banned!

    Only Philly would name an account that then make his first post in an RP thread. :D
    No, not fanboy, fangirl. Twilight gives you a mental sex change operation.
    *Gasp*! You're turning into a Twilight fangirl!!!

    *Can't decide on how to handle this* I'll get back to you on that... ><
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