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  • And the children get molested by various children-show hosts... like Barney...
    Purple bastard...
    Everytime you use the word "alright",
    God pokes a hamster.
    In the butt.

    Please, think of the hamsters.
    Oh my, that must mean that the cat is in the sink and the goldfish has a magnum.

    Hmm... *ponders*

    If the goldfish has the magnum, then it may or may not shoot the sink-cat causing me to sprout wings and fly to southern Alberta to learn that you have not taken your medication. After I learn this I must eat Canadian sugar pie causing millions of hamsters to die. Then Ozzy Osbourne will become sentient again and we will have an epic battle. Unfortunately for humanity, I will win and continue onto the north pole where I will use my hyperactive energy to split the earth in half. Right through Alberta.

    Now that I think of this... If I split the Earth in half I won't be able to play my favorite MMO because the server is in California! Damn...

    On a happier note, I am no longer a banana.

    Edit: Ozzy is singing La Bamba... ;_;
    Wait... are you sick again? Or are you still sick from... last month? I had the stomach flu for exactly 30 hours. I love my immune system! XD

    A great way to use your 2002nd post would be to post in PotF. :3

    ICA YOU #$^%^% @R$$#%$# WE $#^%$^%$ WANNA @#%$%$# KNOW WHO #@^%%^$ CAUGHT IT WHAT THE $&^%&%^& ^%&%^$%$%^% ^&^%&$ GO POST AND ##$!%#^ RIGHT $^%$^$%&^ NOW!


    ...I think I made my point.
    VERBAL ABUSE!!!! *See social group for details*

    We want to know who caught it Ica!
    Falcon... [IMG]

    [IMG]Tell usssss...
    [IMG]Tell us nao!!


    Wait... this is visual abuse, not verbal abuse... fuck...

    And for no apparent reason:
    Icalasari, do you still want the female Eevee? And if so, do you still have the female Milotic?
    (From Zora's messages:) I'm pretty sure :3 face is better that X3 face...
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