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  • Ok, this is bothering the crap out of me.
    Is Earacor's name based on ear of corn?

    Zora told me to nag at you so you get PotF running again. If you don't have time to calculate all of our balls (:D), give me Earacor's stats and I'll do it for you.

    No... It was from the sugar pie-thing I ate last night. See previous x2 post.
    Did you hear the explosion? I think the only TCoDian casualty was Zora though...
    Because I'm I'm trying not to puke... After my stomach settles you may or may not hear an explosion.
    Speaking of Canada, I finally succeeded in eating an entire slice of Canadian sugar pie. :D
    Is this true?
    No comment...? I honestly have nothing to say to that, yet I'm laughing my ass off...
    Pbbffftt... "fappier"

    That's all the happiness I can fit into that space. Increase your resolution to 600x800, It will look happier. :P
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