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  • Well, I used to be mostly interested in collecting the pretty cards. X3 And well, we don't have the type of money to buy all those expansion sets and stuff.
    Oooh! Let's talk about uh... school! Yes, school is crazy, isn't it? Crazy super intendents...

    Wheeee~ I'm not suspicious~ Yaaay~ ;;Not suspicious dance. Then does a very suspicious shifty gaze to the left;;
    Yup, it's a lot like psychology, except it focuses on large groups of people instead of the individual; the methodology and things are pretty much the same.
    I enjoyed studying psychology in school, so hopefully this'll be good, too.
    What subjects do you take?
    Yeah, school finishes around July-time over here, earlier if you've got important exams.
    I've been finished since June and still have another week. Aside form the appalling weather, this summer's been awesome.

    Sociology is basically the study of society as a whole; you look at all kinds of things like religion, crime, sex and gender, youth, family, the government and all sorts of interesting stuff. I'm really looking forward to it~ :D
    Six weeks? Woah, you USians go back so early; schools in the UK only went back this week. Of course, you guys probably finished before we did, so it's all fair.

    Sociology is the plan; I find it really interesting, but I have no idea what I want do do long-term, after I finish. I'd like to go and work over in New Zealand for a bit, but we'll have to wait and see how that turns out. :3
    Really good; I met up with a bunch of friends from my old school (because we're all off to uni in the next few weeks) and made it home at about 4am. I slept in till about 1 and have spent all day doing pretty much nothing on the computer. It's been great :D

    How long have you been back at school?
    Hello :3

    I'm good thanks; slightly sleep deprived, but it's all my own fault, so I can't complain.

    And yourself?
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