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  • It's not locked at all; you just need to be in the Mafia Players usergroup. It's explained in the mafia rules thread.
    Decapitation is not the answer. I shall freeze you to death But hey. I react quite well to haircuts if that's what you meant not sure about how I'll react if Hatsune Miku died =P
    She's not being that rude, tbh - but I don't really want to get into it right now. Let's just say it pays to be civil.
    juuust fyi if you insult my fiancee again i'm not helping you with your fangame anymore :U you're being very rude to her. I'd go edit or delete that if I were you.
    Seeing as the last post in this thread was posted in 2008, you bumped it. You may wanna check the last's post date before posting. I am just warning you about that, try and be careful.
    what? it isn't about winning or losing an argument, I'm genuinely asking. you should put a pronoun in the pronoun field; if mohac is a nickname, it shouldn't be there.
    Actually lugia and chimchar line are okay, just not as bad as the others...
    Is 'mohac' actually a pronoun, or a nickname? e.g., Mohacastle walked mohac dog instead of Mohacastle walked his/her dog. Is that how you want people to refer to you? if not, please change it to a pronoun.
    Um, I didn't change my profile pic. I changed my avatar, to go with my new user title.
    I don't know of any way to scratch a game, but a masterful hack would be just as well.
    (I'm posting this as a VM because I didn't want to destroy the humor at the thread.)
    A question: would it be possible to see some of your masterfully designed Pokemon?
    As I like designing fakemon myself, I'm sort of curious.
    Oh, I'll judge you - when I see how your game turns out. :V

    I'm not really interested in helping directly, since I have enough work with my school's ongoing game projects (mobile games atm), and I'd also rather keep developing my own fake region for my personal amusement (graphics/idea-wise, not actually making a game or anything). Besides, I'm still not convinced of your game-making skills as you've provided absolutely no examples of your work.
    Plus your attitude isn't exactly making me feel that charitable. :I
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