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  • Mostly because the ASB is Negrek's baby from beginning to end, so I just don't really touch it, in general. If she asked me to I would, but she didn't.
    What game were you talking about in your thread " The Mohacup?"
    (Also, the reason the thread got closed was because ASB has been temporarily shut down)
    ...I'm sorry, but what? That is just really stupid-sounding, to say that Yu-Gi-Oh is a rip off of Magic: The Gathering. That... just doesn't happen. Manga writers don't just copy popular american card games randomly.

    It's like saying Digimon ripped off Pokemon, just because they're similar. That's rediculous.
    The Fish Jumpers... Well, originally, it was a cultlike group that I created, based off a line from a Dragon Ball Z movie.... It's gone through many themes. It has it's own Safari Zone and adoptables and inspired a forum.

    You asking me if I've heard of TeamFourStar is like asking a vampire if they've heard of blood.

    You posted on your own profile :p

    I can't see what you say unless you click "view conversation" and then leave your message.

    Also, thank you. :3
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