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  • I think you misunderstand me. MD is a calculated humorist. He did not create his fake screenshots thinking they would be convincing to you; he created them because it was funny (and if you didn't personally find it so, just look at how much everyone else in the thread was entertained by it; you don't have to find it funny, but you can't deny it clearly brightened several people's day).
    That explains a lot.
    I still don't really believe you can make a game if you don't even know any programming languages. Coding is pretty difficult, especially if you haven't done any before, and I'm also kinda wondering whether you actually realize how much everything you need in order to make a playable game. It requires just so much art, code, testing, debugging and whatnot, it's definitely not something you can just decide to do on a whim.

    I'd suggest you start learning and creating smaller things before even attempting something like this, because - trust me on this - you will be disappointed and frustrated if you are seriously going to try and conjure up a playable Pokemon game at this stage. I've seen a lot of kids like you, and I suppose you can guess what happened to their projects.

    Making small, simple test games will get you familiar with how things work, and act as a sort of stepping stone for bigger projects. You'll be able to actually convince people to, for example, do graphics for you if you have something to show them - be it a crude prototype or a small but playable game from a previous project.

    I'm not trying to kill all your dreams of your own Pokemon game here, it's just that in my opinion it's better to have a more realistic view on things. Start small and work your way upwards, and it'll all be a lot easier that way.
    bahahahaha oh god you actually believed that
    come on

    dude thank you for the laughs
    (though I was only being insincere about my ~feelings~, all my points considering your game-making still stand - but I suppose you're not going to listen to me without getting all defensive and all-knowing)

    one last thing: may I ask you how old you are? I'm just wondering, and if you do not wish to hear from me again, I shall retreat to my lair because this isn't really worth infractions/warnings.
    Being responsible for hilarious threads is a good thing! You have to get to know MD a bit to get his sense of humour; I imagine most people's first impression of him is "lolwhat." It just happened he was especially ridiculous in your thread.
    Don't mind MD and everyone in your thread. This is just what MD does, and you've now been responsible for one of the most hilarious threads on the forums ever.
    Mostly because the ASB is Negrek's baby from beginning to end, so I just don't really touch it, in general. If she asked me to I would, but she didn't.
    What game were you talking about in your thread " The Mohacup?"
    (Also, the reason the thread got closed was because ASB has been temporarily shut down)
    ...I'm sorry, but what? That is just really stupid-sounding, to say that Yu-Gi-Oh is a rip off of Magic: The Gathering. That... just doesn't happen. Manga writers don't just copy popular american card games randomly.

    It's like saying Digimon ripped off Pokemon, just because they're similar. That's rediculous.
    The Fish Jumpers... Well, originally, it was a cultlike group that I created, based off a line from a Dragon Ball Z movie.... It's gone through many themes. It has it's own Safari Zone and adoptables and inspired a forum.

    You asking me if I've heard of TeamFourStar is like asking a vampire if they've heard of blood.

    You posted on your own profile :p

    I can't see what you say unless you click "view conversation" and then leave your message.

    Also, thank you. :3
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