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  • idk in mafia mai called you dazzle so I called you razzle dazzle

    I've not been doing a lick of nanowrimo, but instead I'm playing Earthbound. It's really fun and... unconventional.

    I pronounce it s-BURB
    Playstation and PSP I believe? At least the more story-based one I think.

    nooooo how could you not love him though i loved him he was her mentor and basically like a father to vin how can you expect something like that i MEAN COME ON NOW
    (I gotta go now; send me the message and I'll get back to you tomorrow morning)

    Well, it's loosely based on Finding Nemo. It doesn't have to use music from the movie, but it must be loosely related. The dance more or less told the entire settings of the movie, since the girls who had the blue and orange dresses (jumpsuits? bodysuits? I have no idea what those were) were in all the dances.
    Nope. I think we get the day of Puerto Rico's discovery off, and one week of for Thanksgiving, but it's too little, imo. The teachers dish out insane amounts of work (you'll read about it if I ever finish this thing), and personally I believe that at least one free day per month is needed to alleviate tension.

    That said, last Friday was the Field Day. My class swept practically everything; we had to make a "desfile" (a parade of sorts; I'll link to it if I ever download it), a flag (which we tied with the juniors for first place), a dance (which are usually a bunch of dances squished together), and the sports (where we compete against the freshmen). Our theme was Finding Nemo, and we utterly dominated everything, getting the overall first place trophy. Even the seniors cheered for us.
    No, I'm not. I'm not even through my first semester, and I'm sick and tired of this year. We haven't had a break since Labor Day, and it's killing me.

    I actually finished the main series today, heh. Years ago I asked for The Lightning Thief for Three Kings' Day and got The Lost Hero instead, so I worked my way back. I got the former and The Sea of Monsters at Borders (RIP), and the next two were lent to me by a now-junior girl. I'm currently reading Blood of Olympus, but when they mentioned
    , I read like one more chapter, put it down, and picked up The Last Olympian, which I had bought earlier that summer but hadn't even started.

    I can't actually tell you the ending because I'm not there yet. ^^;
    Yes lol. Even the rural parts :P

    I'm not busy lol. I'm having a break until tomorrow, and then I'll be moving stuff for the next three days.

    I agree :P
    Eh, PA's just had a rough spot after my late summer brainstorming. It's kind of stuck in the mud.
    Most of late eighth grade is written. I'm starting on sophomore year right now because I want to let all of that out while it's still fresh.

    I highly recommend you finish the series. The Blood of Olympus, the most recent addition, is the final one.
    Not as bad as New York :P

    Can't. Maybe on Thursday.

    Hahaha XD Video game music is the best :p
    I see.

    Well, I was on the forums over there and the advice was to start something from scratch. After asking a friend of mine, I decided to write something else, taking a cue from the Lazarillo de Tormes (which we had to read for Spanish) and called it 'The Fortunes and Adversities of the High School Sophomore'. It's my entire life (or as much as I can recall) between late eighth grade and now.

    So you're reading Heroes of Olympus as well, then?
    Depends on the location :P

    WHo said I was sarcastic? Maybe I need more discipline in my life from me.

    Uhh, no, I really like it lol. It's a good general "cold" theme.
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