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  • i'm just out of practice. :) haven't had much of a chance to use it, exactly. and swedish ... can sound lovely ... hush! :3 i'm doing alright. i've mostly been doing nothing lately, but ... meh. i'm kinda learning esperanto actually. how are you?
    haha my latin has turned to shit! i was going for "i believe you're greatly intelligent; why don't we converse/speak/talk?" my latin has been tainted with swedish grammar, though, i think that's it.
    español no es una idioma hermosa. but anyway I'm going to play xbox now with my beau. bye bye kammy
    no problem, really :)

    anyway, yeah, i am putting italian down first and if they have a problem with it well too bad

    Never took much of an interest in opera, really... it's pretty and requires good voice, I suppose that knowing the lyrics would help to appreciate it

    also could you post the messages on my profile? kind of awkward checking your profile every few minutes
    It is indeed. And italian is good because of operas. For example, Verdi's Macbeth. Which is the pinnacle of beautiful.
    più (downwards accent) = more
    che = than (in this instance)
    il spangolo = (the) spanish

    che + il = ch'il
    piú = more
    ch'il = than


    Anyway I honestly just like the language better and find it to be worth knowing and being able to write
    Hey, I understood that sentence via basic cognates! "Study Italian, it's a very beautiful language compared to Spanish", right?

    Either way my parents will not stop complainin' so idk what to do. I'd compromise and do French but I want Italian more...
    tbh it's your education, and it's your future. You should be the one to decide which language you take. Studi italiano, c'è una lingua più bella ch'il spagnolo.
    My family is not racist, why would you even say that

    The reasoning behind taking Spanish is because a) lots of people know it and could help you with it, and b) I could help out my dad with Mexican customers. Neither of which are strong motivation (both of them apply to french), and since I hated Spanish when I took it for the last three years (most boring class ever).
    Okay, so I can take Spanish, French, Italian, or Chinese. I am obviously not taking Chinese, since considering the student population at my school is ~60% Asian, I do not think I would get in.

    I am interested in Italian, because I have relatives who are Italian citizens. After that, I'm vaguely interested in French, and finally I am not interested in Spanish in the slightest.

    My parents have the exact opposite view on what languages I should take.
    Lorem I need to talk to you about languages-- have to choose one for school next year and I'm not sure which to pick.

    By which I mean "my parents want me to take the one language I actively do not want to take and I need to convince them to the contrary"
    Oh nooooo

    But now how will we salvage the project's remains to find staff members for Argentite I mean

    oh nooooooooo
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