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  • Yo, just wanted to drop by and say that you seem like a pretty cool person. You play piano, you seem to like languages, and you just generally seem nice. That's all. :)
    By the way I hope I didn't sound uncomplimentary about your other performances - in the thread, I mean.
    Haha. You haven't got to. I just like that piece. I thought it would be a fun challenge.
    Ugh... yes. >_< I'm sorry. The last week has been homework hell and I was taking the SAT this morning. Plus I have work to do tonight... but yes, I do plan on it.
    Of course! I hope to be a reliable, contributing member. :3 I really hope more people join. Maybe I should advertise somewhere...
    This is totally random, but...I never really looked directly at your avatar, and so up till today I thought it was Arceus. o_o
    Well, I was talking to you a lot in threads, and friending you seemed to make sense.
    Oh, that sucks. :/
    You have my sympathies. Last year, something went wrong with the hard drive and I lost everything on my site.
    Γειάσου, Λόρεμ!

    θα μιλήσουμε ελληνικά;
    Violet Hill is a really good song. I've been slowly getting more and more into Coldplay.
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