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  • Acanthite is very likely the single most overrated fangame ever created.

    ...maybe created isn't the right word, come to think of it.
    Lorem I can't log in to my Acanthite account for some weird-ass reason so I have to make a new account. kk???????????

    oh my god my name is karkat and i just said kk HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    oh, I just googled One Nation Conservatives. It appears I would be to the right of you, both socially and fiscally.
    Well, when you live in England, and me America, it's surprising it's only slight! :P
    I'm a definite economic conservative. Social varies case-by-case. For example, I believe abortion to be murder, (Though I'm no Jim DeMint- if you were raped or childbirth could cause harm, I still support abortion in those cases), but things like gay marriage, I believe the government has no right interfering with. (I basically support a very lasseiz-faire government).
    Music is always good. Mainly classical and punk rock. I've tried doing some Green Day songs on the violin but I haven't searched hard enough.

    Thank you, ahaha :D
    Heehee - Livejournal. I utterly adore the place. If you're looking for some exciting Sherlock icons of your own, I recommend going here, clicking on the 'icons' tag and revlling in how creative everyone there is :)
    Haha, I do! Sherlock shooting the wall <3

    Again, thanks so much for making this! I'm a tad obsessed with the show at the moment and absolutely cannot wait for the new series. Which, I realize, is about a year away, but I need more Sherlock in my life. :D
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