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  • I'm gonna miss you too D: I'll try to have fun, that may prove difficult, tho. XD *yes we should :o But where would such a thread go?*
    OH HEEEEL YEAH BITCH HOLD MY GOLD *holds all gold to same girl* IT'S AWN BITCH!!
    Aww. Why would you start a new game! You could be trying for HUNDRED PERCENT COMPLETION which is so worth it i mean you get like a sprite. on. your save screen. you know.

    twewy is my second most-played game behind emerald and that's a gba game so it doesn't even have sleep mode so yes.

    I presume you've read the tvtropes page? (warning: tvtropes)
    Just once. "Howdy. The name's Yoshiya Kiryu. Mother and Father call me Joshua. I guess you can call me that too... seeing as you're my dear new Partner." /did not look that up.

    did you notice how on the first day he calls Neku by name twice before asking for his name 8D /possibly is sort of obsessed with this game

    what are your stats?! :O I have maxed out bravery on everyone and maxed out atk and def on neku and joshua while working on the others
    fckyesfckyesfckyes your username

    HAVE YOU READ THE BEST TWEWY FIC EVER it is the best twewy fic ever

    joshuaaaa ... though. if you're going with his Japanese Subarashiki Kono Sekai name, it should really be Kiryuu Yoshiya. or Joshua Kiryu. TWEWY switched the names family-name-last and dropped long vowels. (/has played SKS, yes)

    what are your stats? :D I just need to master Anguis and then I can have 100% items \o/
    Shit, thanks for pointing that out. I knew I was forgetting something.

    (I have sigs turned off so I can't tell)
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