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  • XD Hahaha. So, I'm trying to adjust my router's Wi-Fi security type. I have Wi-Fi, but it's WPA and not WEP, and my DS Lite only can handle WEP :c *a loud crash is heard behind me from the router* I HAVE IT UNDER CONTROLLLLLL
    Ah. (And I know some older kids that act so immature, you wouldn't believe it o.O)
    Meh, it's a psychological test I guess :\

    Soccer is fun, and if I was good at swimming I'd compete in that as well. Honestly, I'd like to compete in a lot of thingies.
    Thanks~ That's only two years ago, and you have nostalgia warmth? Wow XD

    Hm. I SHOULD MOVE TO INDIANA :D What do you mean by "how does this work, exactly...?"
    Lucky duck. Spring break is still long from close for moi. Sounds like fun though. I wish I was taller so I couldbe better at Basketball and other sports. Though I love soccer. And weightlifiting though I have the worst upper stength ever. I wish I had talent. I like singing, but suck at it. T-T Anyways, good for you :D Sounds like fun.
    ...yeah, you're lucky XD I'm kind of surrounded by people that think I'm crazy for not liking Disney. I prefer MYSTERY DIAGNOSIS :D WIN (And I'm in 6th grade at 10 years old. Yay~)
    ...not in my region of PA. Teenagers at your age here are like "OMG, you don't like HANNAH MONTANA? OMG!!!" -_- wow.
    Wow. I was always the outcast for other reasons. I'm not into Disney or Hannah Montana (pff Hannah Montana...) and I don't like Nickolodeon or anything, I much prefer HEALTH SHOWS :D And I like reading, prefer learning HTML or reading to watching TV any day, oh yes, although I do tend to lay around on the computer a bit too much. Like now.
    Haii!! Don't know if you saw by sad attempt for a welcome back. Though I don't know you well. What's up? :D
    So you have like the best spot ever :D Unlike me, since now I'm sad that I lost all my friends from the dance school...
    True. I used to go to dance school, which was my second home, but they closed down...it very literally scarred me badly. And then for you there's no downside! :D
    I'm in Pennsylvania. And I can say, there's about no downside to cyberschool that I've seen so far except for two: One: You get no socalization. Two: You have to deal with your parents all day, although it shouldn't weigh that much. (And no, I'm not trying to poke what you think I am. I swear.)
    I actually have never gone to public school in my life so far. I like being cyberschooled, but I have almost no friends :/
    Ah, okay. I'm in EST (and not on any sort of break) but I'm available for a long time since I do school over the computer ^^
    ...what timezone are you in? I would think most people in EST (which is my timezone) would be in school. Um...bye! *awkward depart :sweatdrop:*
    Of course couldn't forget and sorry I was thinking a lot about Pokémon today.
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